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Mar 7, 2022

When Melted Snow Must Go, Flaman Pumps You Out

It's great to see the winter snow melt, but it can leave a sea of excess meltwater on your farm, acreage, or worksite. Flooded ditches, construction sites, dugouts, or even just low-lying spots in your field can accumulate serious pools of water. The sucking mud that comes with it can make you miss frozen-solid winter ground. Fortunately, Flaman carries a number of water pumps to help you move winter snowmelt water quickly – giving your spring growth room to breathe. Our large selection of water pumps range in size from 1” to 4” from brands like Honda and BE. We also carry two brands...

Mar 5, 2021

Increase efficiency & reduce downtime during spraying this year

What started in the fall of 2020 as an idea to build an innovative sprayer trailer designed with functionality and convenience at the top of mind has resulted in the ST series of agriculture sprayer tender trailers from Flaman. Model ST-9100 With safety, speed, and ease of use as the three pillars of design, these trailers were created to efficiently mix different batches of chemicals and quickly fill your sprayer – all with minimal downtime. Now that all the planning and engineering has been completed, we are excited to have these units rolling through our production lines and hitting the...