Mar 5, 2021

Increase efficiency & reduce downtime during spraying this year

What started in the fall of 2020 as an idea to build an innovative sprayer trailer designed with functionality and convenience at the top of mind has resulted in the ST series of agriculture sprayer tender trailers from Flaman.

Flaman ST-9100 Sprayer Trailer
Model ST-9100

With safety, speed, and ease of use as the three pillars of design, these trailers were created to efficiently mix different batches of chemicals and quickly fill your sprayer – all with minimal downtime.

Now that all the planning and engineering has been completed, we are excited to have these units rolling through our production lines and hitting the market for the spring 2021 and 2022 seasons.

“We listened to our customers and put together all their best ideas into these all-new, all-encompassing sprayer tailers. Giving the customer all the features that they have always wanted to have – all in one unit. Flaman is proud to bring this product offering out to the marketplace just in time for the busy spring farming season.”
Bret Watson, Engineer 

Flaman ST-9100

The Flaman ST-9100 and ST-9200 are tender-style trailers, built around a 53’ Behnke tri-axle trailer with a heavy-duty air ride suspension and 22.5” tires. They have an 80,000 lb GVWR, cross members on 12” centres, powder-coated paint, and Apitong hardwood decking. These trailers feature a 48” heavy-duty undermount toolbox for additional storage, mud flaps, and dual 2-speed jacks. The most notable difference of the ST-9100 and ST-9200 from other units on the market is the custom-designed 11’ upper kick compared to traditional 10’ upper kicks. This allows for a heavy-duty, low-profile 3,200 US gallon tank to clamp securely to the top deck with heavy-duty deck pins.

Flaman  ST-9100
Chem Handler III

These ag sprayer trailers are completely outfitted with 3” hose and pipe for speed when filling and emptying the 4,500 US gallon (17,000L) tank on the back and the 3,200 US gallon (8300L) tank on the front. They are fastened directly to the trailer deck with heavy-duty steel mounting pins for safety instead of ratchet straps or chains. The entire system is controlled and mixed with a heavy-duty 3” Chem Handler III, a chemical handler that is fast, safe, and easy to use. The 3” steel piping is mounted under the trailer to keep the deck clean and eliminate the potential for tripping. The fill station is versatile and can feed either each tank individually or at the same time. 

Features that make the ST-9100 and ST-9200 stand out include: 

Stowable Fill Arm

Stowable Fill Arm 

The stowable fill arm has been engineered with 5” HSS tubing to manage the hose when filling the sprayer. This versatile fill arm takes care of the weight of the 3” hose when it’s full of product, and it swings out when filling the sprayer and easily folds back in when you are done. Your back will thank you!

Stowable Stairs & Grate Tread

The stowable stairs give safe and easy access to the deck when managing the Chem Handler III. In a matter of seconds, the safety pins can be pulled out and the stairs can be folded down – no more hopping up and down from the deck like you are training for a Spartan Race! The textured grate steps provide additional traction and reduce the potential for unnecessary slips and falls.

Tote Storage

The tote storage is loaded with innovative features and has been engineered to safely store two chemical totes on top with secure ratchet strap tie-downs. It is easily accessible from both sides of the trailer, as well as from on top of the deck. It can be used to store extra fuel, additional hose and couplings, chemical jugs and treatments, tools, extra parts or sprayer nozzles, and safety equipment. It has strategically been offset towards the passenger side of the trailer to allow for additional walking room on the driver side and access the upper kick with an integrated safety handrail.

Sight Tubes

Both tanks have built-in sight tubes for easy water level readings.

LED Light Kit

The trailer comes standard with four LED lights to increase safety and reduce the chances of an accident after the sun goes down. There is a convenient light switch located on the passenger side of the tote cage and in easy reach from the ground or deck. All wires are run inside of the frame and are powered by the 7-pin trailer plug.

Chembine Hot-Tank

Hot Tank (available on the ST-9200)

The ST-9200 includes an additional 1680-gallon (6400L) Chembine Hot Tank. Designed to reduce wait times and increase efficiency, the Hot Tank can mix and agitate the next batch of treatment while the sprayer is out in the field. When the sprayer is ready for another fill, the Hot Tank can quickly unload the next batch of chemicals that have already been already prepared. This feature can be added to any ST-9100.

For more information on the Flaman ST Series Sprayer Trailers, talk to one our ag & trailer specialists at your nearest Flaman location.