Flaman Agriculture Blog

Jan 11, 2024

A Quick Response Solution to Combine Fires

Quick Response Fire Suppression Skid Combine fires can start in a fraction of a second and burn for up to 30 minutes before they’re noticed, damaging farm livelihoods, and economies. “It seems like every trade show I'm at, every customer I talk to knows somebody who’s had a fire on a combine,” says Ryan Flaman, at Flaman Group of Companies. “All it takes is one bearing to heat up, and those bearings are usually covered in dust or have dust all around.” Combines are often destroyed before a fire truck can arrive, adding callout costs of up to $10K. Inspiration Ryan...

Nov 6, 2023

Three Phase Electricity for Grain Handling

Three-Phrase Grain Handling Power. Doable. Valuable. More acres seeded might mean more bushels brought into your bin yard. But it doesn't have to mean more work and expense. As farming grows, new technologies emerge to boost your grain operation's speed and efficiency. Technology Boosts Productivity. Grain Dryers like our AGI NECO and Oakland models are designed to run continuously and safely. There's no need for you to spend your time or hire a hand to supervise them. And with remote monitoring systems, you can spend more time working in the field. The same goes for the Walinga Blower System. Its...

Jul 11, 2023

Farmer-Approved Moisture Testing from Perten

In agriculture, nothing is ever absolutely certain. However, farmers who’ve used the Perten AM 5200-Farm Moisture Meter say its instantaneous accuracy comes impressively close. “When you have so many different people around - four different people using it - it was nice not to use the scale,” says Bruce Elke of Jansen, Saskatchewan. “Everybody puts it in and gets the same result.”   Bruce Elke shares the benefits of the Perten 5200-Farm It’s not the first moisture tester to have its accuracy praised, not even the first one Bruce has praised. His previous tester was also bang-on, but the 5200-Farm...

Jun 20, 2023

Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Grain Handling

Wish managing your bin yard was a little less complicated? A tied-in grain-handling system can make that happen. Flaman offers several innovative components that can eliminate the effort, expense, and inconvenience of getting your grain safely in your bins. Bringing them together in one place yields a bumper crop of benefits. 1. Reduce Manpower and Save on Labour Costs Consider all the moving parts involved in traditional grain handling – augers, tractors, and semis to drive in and unload, plus the manpower to keep them moving. Setting up a grain handling system can save you the time it takes to...

May 18, 2023

U-Drain Narrows Down Your Search for Ideal Floor Drainage

Nothing says, "hope this will last" like cementing something into your floor. Fortunately, U-Drain pre-engineered floor drains were designed by carefully studying what drainage systems should do - and what they've failed to do in the past.   U-Drain engineers examined the drawbacks of previous systems and came up with several unique improvements.   Grate-Free Floor Drainage Over time grates tend to buckle and bend after being removed and replaced for cleaning, eventually ruining the level, low profile of your floor. U-Drain uses no floor grates. Instead, it replaces them with a slotted design engineered to stay in place for...