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Field Preparation Grain Handling Lifts Material Handling and Excavating Misc.

Field Preparation

Disc - 14' to 26'

Heavy Discs have the heaviest weigh-per-blade specifications in the agricultural industry. This allows discs to work in almost all soil conditions and crop residue.

Price Ranging From
$785 - $1265/day or $12.00/acre.
Rent a Disc

High Speed Disc - 26' to 31'

High Speed Discs are high-performing disc-tilling machines used for superior soil conditioning. They handle heavy crop residue with ease, making it an excellent finishing tool for levelling and one pass seedbed prep.

Price Ranging From
$1725 - $2425/day or $12.00/acre.
Rent a High Speed Disc


The Ripper is the perfect tool for managing high residue farming. The down pressure on each shank stays uniform across the entire chisel plow. The shanks also act as a scraper for the coulters, letting you till wet and sticky soils.

Rent For
$800/day or $12.00/acre.
Rent a Ripper

Harrow - 40' to 73'

Heavy Harrows are designed to handle conventional tilling, minimum-till and zero-till operations. They spread and break up trash and residue, rake and level the ground, eliminate sprayer tracks that cause plugging and help ready the land for the seeder.

Price Ranging From
$625 - $950/day or $4.25/acre.
Rent a Harrow

Land Roller - 20' to 68'

Land Rollers help increase germination rates and promote even maturity by ensuring every seed you plant has good contact with the soil.

Price Ranging From
$425 - $985/day or $4.25/acre.
Rent a Land Roller

Rock Digger

With a 44” dig depth, the Pro Digger will have your fields clear of rocks in no time at all.

Rent For
Rent a Rock Digger

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Grain Handling

Grain Vac

Grain Vacs will clean out your bins faster and easier than ever before, which will save you time and money.

Rent For
Rent a Grain Vac

Grain Bag Extractor

Get your grain out of the bag easily and efficiently with a high capacity loading system that includes a 200 bu/min capacity and a 13”, 360 degree unloading auger.

Rent For
Rent a Grain Bag Extractor

Grain Bag Roller

Bag rollers leave bags in small bales that can easily be moved and loaded at any time.

Rent For
Rent a Grain Bag Roller

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 Only available in Yorkton, Moosomin, and Swan River
Manlift - 20' to 120'

Get an easy lift to hard to reach places.

Price Ranging From
$115 - $2205/day
Rent a Manlift

 Only available in Yorkton, Moosomin, and Swan River
Scissor Lift - 20' to 41'

Don’t let projects at tall heights stop you. Rent a scissor lift to work safely and efficiently.

Price Ranging From
$140 - $390/day
Rent a Scissor Lift

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Material Handling and Excavating

 Only available in Yorkton, Moosomin, and Swan River
Mini Excavator - E35 or 8035

Projects to get done, but minimal space to work with? Our Mini Excavators are the perfect fit.

Rent For
Rent a Mini Excavator

 Only available in Yorkton, Moosomin, and Swan River

For larger jobs and versatility a Backhoe will get the job done. Digging, construction, light demolitions, and moving materials all in one rental.

Rent For
Rent a Backhoe

 Only available in Yorkton, Moosomin, and Swan River
Skid Steer

For small jobs or tight spaces, we’ve got you covered. Our skid steers will help get the job done.

Price Ranging From
$335 - $415/day
Rent a Skid Steer

 Only available in Yorkton, Moosomin, and Swan River
Telehandler - 36' to 46'

With lift heights up to 56ft, and a lift capacity up to 10,000 lbs, these telehandlers are strong enough to help you with all your tasks.

Price Ranging From
$335 - $665/day
Rent a Telehandler

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Mower - 15'

Schulte Rotary Mowers are tough and dependable and will have your property looking fresh.

Rent For
Rent a Mower

Post Pounder

The Heavy Hitter Post Pounder is self contained, has a 660 lb hammer weight and can pound post up to 11'11" tall.

Rent For
Rent a Post Pounder

Bale Picker

Being able to move 350-400 bales a day makes this a fast and efficient option for transporting your bales.

Rent For
Rent a Bale Picker

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