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I'm originally from Newmarket, Ontario but have moved back to Saskatchewan. I have a journalistic and marketing background, working first for community newspapers in Saskatchewan and Alberta before doing marketing and advertising work for agricultural companies across Canada. In all of my roles it's been about communication and I'm looking forward to finding creative ways to tell you, our customers, all about the great products we have to offer. I enjoy camping and quading in the summer and in fall it's all about football - Go Riders!

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Originally I am from small town Southey Saskatchewan where my grandfather Frank Flaman started Flaman Sales in 1959. Growing up less than a mile from the original farmyard where he grew up, I have been involved with the company since I was just a kid. Throughout the years I have driven forklift in the yard, overhauled various agriculture machines in the shop, been involved with sales of fitness equipment, and am currently involved with sales, marketing, and management of our Grain Cleaning Division in Saskatoon. When I am not in the office in Saskatoon, I am usually at campus at the U of S studying marketing at the Edwards School of Business. Being involved with the company for so long has given me the advantage to understand the roles of the different divisions and how it all comes together as a whole. I look forward to serving our customers every day and doing my part to satisfy them the best I can.

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I’m Toronto born, Alberta raised, and for the past 3 years residing in Saskatchewan. Having been immersed in a variety of cultures and atmospheres has contributed greatly in my ability to connect with people. I’ve had the opportunity to attend SAIT in Calgary which enabled me to further develop an extensive background in New Media. This program allowed me to thrive in design, animation, various digital programs, web based languages, and business. My education, along with a 10 year background in sales and Marketing, initially landed me the position as a full time coordinator here at Flaman. During my evolving time here, my drive to succeed continued to present new opportunity, which lead to my current role as creative writer, blogger, and business content entrepreneur. Having a creative outlook, idealistic values along with a vibrant personality have allowed me to seamlessly connect with the people and culture here at Flaman. The family truly treats us with the upmost respect, most importantly we all share similar values, thus creating the positive foundation that surrounds our company.

I anticipate the future, and humbly move forward as I grow with our local community. I’m passionate in sharing the stories that matter, not only for our farmers, but all our customers.

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Originally I grew up in Prince Albert, where I worked at the store there before moving to Saskatoon. I started out in the yard, and slowly worked my way the most of the division, spending a little time in each one to try and understand how all aspects of the business work. I am currently working in the Marketing division full time and am enjoying the opportunity I have to express my creative side.

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I am a born and raised Prince Albert boy and have spent the last 5 or so years with the Flaman Group of Companies. I have had the luxury of working in almost every department in our store. Starting in the parts department, and now heading up our Rental Division for Saskatchewan and Manitoba. I spend many weeks of the year travelling to see our rental dealers and work closely with them to provide our customers with the best rental equipment and customer service available.

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