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May 14, 2024

Three reasons why a Magnum fuel trailer is worth a second look.

The more acres you have to till, seed, and harvest, the less time you’ll want to spend refueling. The Magnum Tandem Fuel Trailer and Tridem Fuel Cannon Gooseneck allow you to bring 660 or 1,000 imperial gallons of fuel with you, so you can concentrate on getting the job done. That’s one reason to add a fuel trailer to your farm fleet. Here are three more from our team: Field Ready. Built to Last. Our Transport Canada-approved trailers feature durable tanks, solid construction, two-part coating, and 7,000 lb. Torflex axles. They’re more than ready for repeated field use. Fuel trailers...

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Apr 12, 2024

Choose Your Harrow. RiteWay 5 Bar or 7 Bar.

If you’ve heard good things about RiteWay tine harrows, and you’re thinking of buying one, you might be wondering if the HH8200 5-bar or MH7200 7-bar model is right for you.  Both are designed to best serve the needs of customers but in different ways to suit different purposes. Let’s start by looking at the most important working feature of both harrows. Tines The five-bar harrows are equipped with 25 28” tines –longer than the 26” tines you usually see in competitor models. The HH8200 offers two tine thickness options – the standard 9/16” or the stouter-than-usual 5/8”. Whichever thickness...

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Mar 14, 2024

You Asked for Diesel.

The Flaman Custom-Build team has finished work on our first Hatz Diesel powered Meridian 12 x 39 Auger. We’re excited to say that the test results have been impressive. Everything ran smooth as silk – operating quietly, while delivering loads of power. So, this Spring, we’ll build more diesel ready Meridian augers and conveyors for our customers.    You’ll soon be able to see them at select stores. For now, we wanted to share our excitement with a sneak peek, along with some of our team's favourite features.   In the words of Curtis Trumier from the production team, ” Every...

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Jan 11, 2024

A Quick Response Solution to Combine Fires

Quick Response Fire Suppression Skid Combine fires can start in a fraction of a second and burn for up to 30 minutes before they’re noticed, damaging farm livelihoods, and economies. “It seems like every trade show I'm at, every customer I talk to knows somebody who’s had a fire on a combine,” says Ryan Flaman, at Flaman Group of Companies. “All it takes is one bearing to heat up, and those bearings are usually covered in dust or have dust all around.” Combines are often destroyed before a fire truck can arrive, adding callout costs of up to $10K. Inspiration Ryan...

Nov 6, 2023

Three Phase Electricity for Grain Handling

Three-Phrase Grain Handling Power. Doable. Valuable. More acres seeded might mean more bushels brought into your bin yard. But it doesn't have to mean more work and expense. As farming grows, new technologies emerge to boost your grain operation's speed and efficiency. Technology Boosts Productivity. Grain Dryers like our AGI NECO and Oakland models are designed to run continuously and safely. There's no need for you to spend your time or hire a hand to supervise them. And with remote monitoring systems, you can spend more time working in the field. The same goes for the Walinga Blower System. Its...