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Jan 19, 2022

Making Grain Carts Just Right

Traditional grain carts unload on the left-hand side, causing an operator to turn away from tractor controls. Add in co-pilot, now you need to look around to accurately offload grain. This causes you to strain, or stretch, to see what is happening. Making for a long, unpleasant day with a sore back and neck.  Right-side augers change everything!  Easy access to controls, improved visibility, and increased comfort allow grain handling to be more operator-friendly—fewer visits to the chiropractor too.  Right-Side Auger grain carts from J&M take advantage of the tractor’s cab natural layout. Allowing you to aim the auger right...

Feb 11, 2021

When the elevator calls on a cold day, will your auger be ready? Take these tips for a dependable cold weather start

With the cold weather snap we've been having, I'm reminded that my dad always said, "Things just start breaking down and don't work well after -25". That being said, you don't always have the luxury of taking a day off when the elevator calls for grain in the middle of winter. In case you're in a rush and it's too cold to fire up the auger to load the trucks, take a few minutes and remind yourself of a couple of key tips to ensure that your auger or conveyor starts when you need it to. Fuel Fuel problems always seem...

Jun 30, 2020

Move your auger or conveyor safely with the Lift-EZ Hydraulic Jack

If you’ve ever moved grain with a conveyor or auger, you know that standard screw jacks can be inconvenient and a hassle to hook up and connect with your tractor. And if you’ve ever said to yourself “there has to be a better way,” then you’re not alone. The Lift-EZ Hydraulic Jack is a safe and convenient way to connect your auger or conveyor to your tractor   We spoke with the product’s inventor, Bret Watson, the operations manager at Flaman’s Swift Current location, about where the idea for this product came from, and why every farmer could use one....