Mar 14, 2024

You Asked for Diesel.

The Flaman Custom-Build team has finished work on our first Hatz Diesel powered Meridian 12 x 39 Auger. We’re excited to say that the test results have been impressive. Everything ran smooth as silk – operating quietly, while delivering loads of power. So, this Spring, we’ll build more diesel ready Meridian augers and conveyors for our customers.   

You’ll soon be able to see them at select stores. For now, we wanted to share our excitement with a sneak peek, along with some of our team's favourite features.  

In the words of Curtis Trumier from the production team,

” Every time the conversation comes up with customers about cold starts, the answer is always, ‘We should have bought a diesel engine.’ Well, now they can!” 

Cold Weather Start
Engine intake pre-heater and circulating block heater.

"A diesel engine has twice the torque as a gas engine. That’s a huge plus, and the inline-block heater will be excellent for cold-weather starts. Customers tell me their diesel engine will, on average, outlast three-grain augers.
Sheldon Sleeva (Yorkton)  

Real Power
24.7 HP Hatz diesel with 90ft/lbs of torque delivers over twice as much torque as a 40 HP gas option. 

"My customers have been asking for a diesel option for forever. Gas engines don't like to start in the winter, they blow seals, and bigger augers are underpowered with gas. A diesel option just has more power. This is a unique option at a great price point." 
Phil Flaman (Southey)  


robust auger frame

Robust Auger Frame
A reinforced auger frame designed to handle the weight of a powerful diesel engine.

"For years, my customers have asked for an affordable load-out auger option with a diesel engine. It’s great knowing we can offer this option to customers frustrated with their gas engines. I know a diesel engine will outlast the auger, and I appreciate our build team reinforcing the auger frame for added stability.
Darrell Knash (Yorkton) 


No Fail Hand Clutch
Soft start hand clutch for years of bulletproof operation. No expensive electric clutch to fail.

I always get phone calls about the electric clutches quitting. Whether it’s due to the clutch or the soft start module failing, replacing these parts is very expensive. Having the manual hand clutch eliminates all electrical problems and will save money down the road.
Curtis Trumier (Prince Albert)

Our production team in Prince Albert has done an incredible job with our first diesel-powered auger and will begin building more for sale at select stores. Interested in seeing one in action? Contact your local Flaman representative.


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