Mar 28, 2023

Seed Tenders: A Seeding Efficiency Game Changer

Seed tenders were invented to reduce your transport time, lower labour costs, keep your work concentrated in the field, and enable you to seed more acres. Flaman offers several innovative models that meet those marks with remarkable efficiency.

Convey-All CST-1550 in field

Commercial Seed Tenders
The Convey-All CST-1550 Seed Tender is one of the largest seed tenders available today. Its 1550 cubic feet of storage and attached conveyor save you time and money while providing a new level of convenience. You can load it from either side at your bins, station it at your optimum fill site, and save multiple trips between home and field.

Designed to prevent cross-contamination, this tender’s six stainless-steel, epoxy-coated compartments can carry different seed types along with fertilizer in the same load.

Convey-All Seed Tender being loaded with seed 
The CST-1550 is a manpower saver. Remote control gives a single user command of a 25' conveyor, powered by a 50HP diesel engine and fully contained hydraulic system. As master of the conveyor’s 144-degree swing range and two-tons per-minute unload rate, you can fill air seeders and trucks precisely and evenly. There’s no need to bring extra help to reposition anything and you can fill both tanks of your air seeder so they both empty at the same time.

Convey-All Seed Tender Conveyor 
Users say those advanced features yield impressive numbers. They’ve reported saving 30 minutes each time you fill your drill. Multiply that by four or five fills a day, and you’re gaining an extra 2.5 seeding hours per day. A 76’ drill seeding 34 acres/hour can use that time to add 68 to 85 extra acres to your daily total. Over 10 days, you could seed an entire extra section.
Side-Draw Solutions
If you already have a conveyor (and there are plenty of good ones), the Convey-All CSC-1545 Seed Cart is a good choice.

Convey-All CSC-1545 Chutes

Instead of a conveyor, the CSC-1545 utilizes a side-drop chute system, offering stainless-steel slopes and gates. Otherwise, it provides comparable features to the CST-1550, including six separate stainless steel-lined, epoxy/polyurethane-coated compartments and an overall capacity of 1,525 cubic feet.

Convey-All CSC-1545 Seed Cart

Flaman also offers two excellent Side Draw Seed Tenders from Haul All Industries.

"The Haul All Side Draw Seed Tender is like a Swiss army knife. It can be used to load air drills, clean seed with, and it can also be used as a harvest surge trailer."

The four-hopper Haul All 1580NT features a 1260-bushel capacity and rides on a 40-foot tri-axle frame. The slightly smaller Haul All 1185NT model carries up to 945 bushels in three hoppers mounted on a 30-foot tandem trailer. Like Convey-All, Haul All builds its hoppers with stainless steel.

Haul All Side Draw Seed Tender

Our seed tender experts can help you find the seed tender that best serves your operation. We have 11 Flaman dealers located across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Drop by the one nearest you, and let’s talk about your optimum grain-handling solution.