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Get out and save time while planting your crops with seed tender from Flaman Agriculture. We offer multiple options to suit your tendering needs from Convey-All, J&M, and Haul All. 

Convey-All Commercial Seed Tender is the ultimate all-in-one system to start off your growing season. The CST-1550 is one of the largest tenders on the market. With 6 individual compartments, integrated hydraulics, and over a 40-foot conveyor system to load up your air seeder tank. You'll be able to distribute seed and fertilizer from the stainless-steel tanks without cross-contamination. Everything can be controlled via remote with manual hydraulic overrides.  

From J&M, the LC390 is an excellent portable seed tender. Available with bumper pull or gooseneck towing options. LC stands for larger capacity, lower center of gravity, larger conveyor, and luxury controls. The larger capacity allows you to transport 310 or 430 bushels, in a divided tank, bringing multiple products to the field. The attached conveyor rotates 180 degrees, allowing you to fill up the 2 tanks at the farm and transfer the product to the air seeder with one augur.  

Haul All Side Draw Seed Tenders are ideal dual-use tenders—perfect for bringing seed to the field in the spring and hauling your harvest away in the fall. The simple tried and true design with hand cranks and gear-driven gates makes this tender easy to operate. You’ll be able to transport 4 separate compartments of grain or fertilizer to the field. Optional electric gates and tarps provide another layer of efficiency to the Haul All design. 

Flaman is your preferred Ag dealer for seed tenders, with 11 dealers located across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Our knowledgeable Ag experts are happy to help you find the best tendering option for your farm.