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Oilseed Series Truck Load Conveyor

Convey-All Oilseed Series Truck Load Conveyor

VOLT Battery Powered Conveyor

Convey-All VOLT Battery Powered Conveyor

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UCX3 U-Trough Belt Conveyor

AGI Batco UCX3 U-Trough Belt Conveyor

BCX3 Field Loader

AGI Batco BCX3 Field Loader

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AGI Batco Field Loader

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AGI Batco Swing Conveyor

Reliabelt Swing Conveyor

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Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor

AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor

Move your grain safely and efficiently with a grain conveyor or field loader from Flaman. Conveyors offer gentle handling of dry, bulk materials, and are great for delicate seeds. Flaman has a wide variety of grain handling equipment for sale from brands such as Batco, Convey-All, Meridian, and AGI Hutchinson. We offer various configurations depending on the length, speed, and capacity you need, including swing-away options. We also supply large capacity, truck load, and tube conveyors, as well as field loaders and double run grain pumps.

The AGI Batco BCX3 field loader moves all commodities including cereals, pulses, canola, and fertilizers at up to 10,000 bushels per hour – reducing the need to have multiple portable handling solutions on your farm. This 49’ unit features a new wider hopper, a redesigned S-drive, quick access driving, and an ergonomic command centre, and an IBEX mover kit. This new and improved mover features a built-in braking system, a powerful motor, a drop-and-go wheel system, and better traction. The new AGI Batco UCX3 belt conveyor delivers high capacities with its unique U-Trough design. Both the UCX3 and the BCX3 can handle tough material handling jobs, including oilseeds, with the assistance of its belt brush, belt scrapers, and turbo clean wash system. 

We also carry Batco FMDs that feature an extended low-profile hopper. These field grain belt conveyors are designed for unloading tractor trailer units, air seeders, and hopper bottom bins. The collapsible hopper’s unique design makes it easy to get under the bins for safe and trouble-free unloading.

Our Convey-All Oilseed Series truck load conveyors are great for moving product from a bin to loading a truck or trailer. The 1600 models have a 16” chevron belt and move up to 9,000 BPH. The new oilseed-friendly features include a skived belt and added flashing and scrapers along the belt to prevent build up The Convey-All 2200 series are the fastest and most heavy-duty of the truck load models. These conveyors are equipped with a 22” chevron belt in a 14” tube and are ideal for commercial operators as they have the ability to move up to 12,000 bushels per hour. Our fully loaded TL models are self-propelled so the conveyor can drive to the truck, without needing to reposition the truck or trailer. These units are self-contained and completely hydraulic, so there are no belts, chains, or pulleys to deal with. Fewer moving parts provides safer operation and less maintenance.

We are excited to showcase the brand-new Convey-All VOLT - the industry's first-ever battery-powered conveyor. Requiring no fuel, producing no emissions, and powered by a 96-volt battery system, the VOLT makes your 1650-TL Oilseed Series into a quiet and environmentally-friendly truck load auger.

If you’re in the market for a high capacity swing, we have a selection of options from Batco, Meridian, and Convey-All. The Batco large capacity belt conveyor is ideal for the gentle handling of cereals and pulse crops. Belt conveyors are faster than augers, use less horsepower and will outlast a conventional auger by up to three times. These low-maintenance, self-cleaning Batco swings won’t plug, making them a great choice for your farm.

Convey-All bin fill grain conveyors with swing away are designed to be efficient and simple to use. These easy-moving, long-reaching grain conveyors are great for filling bins or making large piles. The heavy duty undercarriages use structural steel and are fabricated for bolt-together durability. The Convey-All 1600 series are available in lengths from 55’-100’ and can move up to 9,000 BPH. The 2200 series are the largest and the fastest models around with capacities up to 12,000 bushels per hour.

Meridian high-capacity Reliabelt swings maximize productivity while protecting the integrity of your crop. These machines can move up to 12,000 BPH and are available in lengths from 90’-120’. Featuring a 20” belt in a 10” tube, a heavy duty undercarriage, collapsible intake hopper, end PTO drive, electric swing mover, and an electric winch kit, Reliabelt swings are ideal for transferring your grain from the truck to the bin.

Convey-All paddle belt conveyors are gentle on your grain and increase the angle of operation by up to 40 degrees, while matching the capacity of your seed treater. These units feature better hopper clean-out access and ensure a long belt life. Our paddle belt models are available in two different configurations: stationary or transport and are available at our Alberta locations only.

The AGI Hutchinson double run grain pump is a powerful but gentle grain conveyor system and is capable of moving almost all grain into your bin, from wheat, barley, pulse crops, and canola. The plastic paddle chain conveyor system design requires less maintenance than a screw auger, without sacrificing on results. Available in both electric or PTO drives, the Hutchinson double run chain conveyor is ideal for filling bins, grain dryers, and temporary storage at 4,000-6,000 bushels per hour.

Move your grain and other crops with ease with a grain conveyor solution from Flaman. Find out more by calling your local Flaman sales expert or visiting one of our Flaman Agriculture dealerships. We have six locations in Saskatchewan (Yorkton, Swift Current, Southey, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, or Moosomin), one in Manitoba (Swan River), and four in Alberta (Nisku, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, or Fairview).