Chemical Handling

Chembine Hot-Tank


Product Information

The Chembine Hot-Tank allows for reduced spraying down time by premixing your entire chemical load ahead of time. This high-capacity tank can hold up to 1680 US gallons (1400 imperial gallons) at one time. Using the two 3-way valves and the existing pump, you can control the follow to fill, mix, and load from the Hot-Tank.

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Extra Information

Easy Clean Out: 10° tapered cone bottom to a 3” complete drain bulkhead.
Simple Operation: Two 3-way valves control all functions, adding maximum speed and efficiency to your operation.
Agitation: There are four agitators at the bottom of the tank that agitate and mix the tank.
Rotary Rinse: There are two rotary rinse nozzles at the top of the tank that can be used to rinse the tank or mitigate foaming issues.



Capacity (gal) 1680 US / 1400 Imperial
Capacity (litres) 6359