Offset Tandem Disc Models

Wishek Offset Tandem Disc Models


K-Line Ag Speedtiller

Soilstar Disc Harrow

Schulte Soilstar Disc Harrow

Soilstar VTX Variable Tillage

Schulte Soilstar VTX Variable Tillage


K-Line Ag Powerflex

Offset Disc 1225/1275

Farm King Offset Disc 1225/1275

Tandem Offset Disc 6650

Farm King Tandem Offset Disc 6650

Offset Disc Models

Wishek Offset Disc Models

357 Inline Ripper

Wil-rich 357 Inline Ripper

Flaman carries a variety of discs, including Farm King Offset Discs and Farm King Tandem discs. The 1225 offset disc that’s all-purpose design makes it an excellent piece of equipment for primary and secondary tillage, where the 1275 works is perfect for farms as well as light industrial work. Our Farm King tandem disc models (6650 and 6650LTF) use a one of a kind floating hitch allowing for a more level finish and are built to last in all conditions thanks to the heaviest bearings and steel fabricated spools available in the industry. 

If you’re looking for something heavy duty, we have Wishek tandem discs, Wishek offset discs and the Wishek 357 Inline Ripper available. Wishek’s tandem and offset discs have the heaviest weight-per-blade in the agricultural industry, which allows them to tackle the toughest soil conditions and crop residue. The 357 Inline Ripper for those concerned with heavy compaction. The Ripper will take care of the hardest ground beyond the compaction layer, allowing for increased soil aeration and better water drainage.

Flaman is your preferred dealer of discs. Our team of ag equipment experts, with combined experience of over 100 years, are ready to help you find the right tillage solution for your operation. Pop into your nearest Flaman dealership, located across Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba to learn more about our full line of farm implements. 

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