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Flaman carries a variety of high speedtandemoffset, and field discs from leading brands such as Kello-BiltKinzeK-LineSchulteWishek, and Riteway.

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Having the right high-speed disc for your operation makes all the difference, which is why we carry two reliable and innovative options from K-Line Agriculture for you to choose from: the K-Line Speedtiller and the K-Line Powerflex. Their one-pass seedbed preparation and ability to easily break down heavy crop residue will save you time and increase the organic matter in your soil – leading to higher yields. 

The K-Line Speedtiller features lateral disc gang shaft adjustments, allowing you to adjust for removing ridges in the soil profile, chop root masses, increase weed kill, and improve mulching capabilities. Additional features include a heavier disc weight to cultivate at deeper depths (up to 6”) for one-pass operation and improved trash handling, and the innovative fold design which allows for easy transitions from work to transport mode. The Powerflex primary tillage machine is equally as efficient in prepping your seed and breaking down trash residue and is designed to handle all types of soil and field conditions, including wet, sticky, or sandy environments.

New to our high-speed tillage lineup is the Kinze Mach Till. The low-maintenance design of the Mach Till minimizes downtime and keeps the machine rolling through the field when it matters most. Featuring a full-width rubber roller, consistent depth control, 10” disc spacing, and maintenance-free double-sealed bearings, this tillage tool is a cut above the rest. Kinze’s high-speed tillage solution can be used in both the spring and the fall, so it is a smart, long-term investment for your farming operation.

The Riteway One-Till High-Speed Disc is pulled at 8 to 10 miles per hour and can be configured and adjusted to your field conditions. The One-Till from Riteway mixes the topsoil and the residue left behind by low-till or no-till operations, as well as levels ruts and ridges in your field. This high-speed disc is ideal for spring tillage and post-harvest applications.

What do you get when you mix a heavy harrow and a speed disc? The Schulte Soilstar Disc Harrow brings the best of both worlds to your farm with a double row of wavy coulters followed by a 5-bar heavy harrow to efficiently chop straw and mix residue while simultaneously spreading and leveling, regardless of soil type. These dynamic discs are available in 30’ or 60’ working widths and provide the next level of performance for post-harvest tilling and pre-seeding prep.

Also available from Schulte is the Soilstar Variable Tillage all-in-one machine. With the adjustable gang angle, the VTX can handle any ground condition and ensures all residue is cut, sized, and mixed with the soil.

In Saskatchewan, we are now proud to offer Kello-Bilt offset and tandem discs for sale. These machines feature folding wings, offering maximum flexibility and weight distribution while retaining their rugged design for a long life and easy operation. Available in a variety of sizes up to a 38” cutting width, these units are ideal for many on-farm applications. Built with superior components and world-class technology, Kello-Bilt is the answer to the intense demands of heavy-duty discing. The Kello-Bilt offset field disc models are lighter and more compact than their tandem counterparts. This allows for a longer life, as well as easier travel and storage, while still performing at the high-level Kello-Bilt is known for.

The Kello-Bilt Disc Ripper improves moisture retention and root development by shattering hardpan and plowing soil while mixing and mulching crop residue. The 275DR is built with the same field discs and other heavy-duty components you can expect from Kello-Bilt tillage equipment. This unit is designed with extreme ripper shanks that feature an adjustable trip and lift/drop reset that will remain strong over time. The five adjustable ripping shanks have a working depth of 12”, 15”, or 18”. The disc ripper, along with field discs from Kello-Bilt, features the signature oil bath bearing design.

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty, we have Wishek offset and tandem farm discs and the Wil-Rich 357 Inline Ripper available. Wishek discs have the heaviest weight-per-blade in the agriculture industry, allowing them to tackle the toughest soil conditions and crop residues. The Wil-Rich 357 is ideal for those concerned with heavy compaction. This ripper model will take care of the hardest ground beyond the compaction layer, which allows for increased soil aeration and better water drainage.

Whether you are looking for a heavy-duty field disc, a tandem or offset disc, a high-speed disc, or a disc harrow combo, Flaman is your preferred dealer. Our team of ag equipment experts, with combined experience totaling over 100 years, are ready to help you find the right tillage solution for your operation. Pop into your nearest Flaman dealership across Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba to learn more about our full-line farm discs and other agriculture equipment.