Schulte Soilstar DHX Disc Harrow

Soilstar DHX Disc Harrow

Product Information

The Schulte Soilstar Disc Harrow can manage increased straw and chaff loads post-harvest, increase water penetration, quicken soil warming and promote weed seed germination for a proper pre-seed burn-off operation. The DHX-600 is the evolution of the heavy harrow, providing the next level of performance for post harvest and pre-seeding. Featuring a double row of wavy coulters followed by a five bar heavy harrow allows it to efficiently chop straw and mix residue with the ground while spreading and leveling. 

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  • Double row of wavy coulters

    Double row of wavy coulters

  • Five bar heavy harrow

    Five bar heavy harrow

  • Hydraulic lock for wing tension links

    Hydraulic lock for wing tension links

  • Single point depth control

    Single point depth control

  • Steerable wing wheels

    Steerable wing wheels



Working Width 36' 60'
Transport Width 15.25' 15.25'
Transport Height 14.5' 14.5'
Transport Length 33.5' 45'
Weight 25,000 lbs 32,000 lbs
Number of Disc/Harrow Sections 5 5
Size of Discs 18" 18"
Disc Spacing 7.2" 7.2"
Harrow Tyne 5/8" x 26" with tip 5/8" x 26" with tip
Disc Angle 4° fixed 4° fixed





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