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Schulte Soilstar DHX Disc Harrow

Soilstar DHX Disc Harrow

Product Information

The Schulte Soilstar Disc Harrow manages the increased straw from high crop yields by breaking down residue post-harvest. Done with a double row of wavy coulters and heavy harrow.

All this helps with great water penetration over the winter and easier seeding. Use in the spring to promote weed seed germination for a proper pre-seed burn-off.

DHX-360 and 600 are the evolution of the heavy harrow. With height-adjustable twin row of discs and a 5-bar heavy harrow. Efficiently chop up straw and mix residue with the ground all while leveling off the seedbed. 

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  • Double row of wavy coulters

    Double row of wavy coulters

  • Five bar heavy harrow

    Five bar heavy harrow

  • Hydraulic lock for wing tension links

    Hydraulic lock for wing tension links

  • Single point depth control

    Single point depth control

  • Steerable wing wheels

    Steerable wing wheels



Working Width 36' 60'
Transport Width 15.25' 15.25'
Transport Height 14.5' 14.5'
Transport Length 33.5' 45'
Weight 25,000 lbs 32,000 lbs
Number of Disc/Harrow Sections 5 5
Size of Discs 18" 18"
Disc Spacing 7.2" 7.2"
Harrow Tyne 5/8" x 26" with tip 5/8" x 26" with tip
Disc Angle 4° fixed 4° fixed