Offset, Tandem, & High Speed Discs

Wishek Offset Disc Models

Offset Disc Models

Product Information

Need to break up land? Wishek 612N, 812N, & 842N offset disc models have the heaviest weight per blade in the agricultural industry!

The Wishek Offset Disc is for those seeking something reliable and low maintenance. With nearly 1,000 pounds per foot (1,488 kg), the Wishek Offset Disc has the brute strength to penetrate in even the most demanding soil conditions.

Cutting widths on these discs range from 13 ft to 17 ft models. You can also choose from various scraper options that are best suited for your field conditions.

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  • Flat Scrapers

    Flat Scrapers

  • Safety Lights and Chains

    Safety Lights and Chains

  • Greasable Gang Bearing

    Greasable Gang Bearing

  • Model Y2000 Shown

    Model Y2000 Shown



  • three bar harrow assists for leveling your field

    three bar harrow assists for leveling your field

  • Notched Blades

    Notched Blades

  • Hydraulic Leveling

    Hydraulic Leveling

  • Spool Scrapers

    Spool Scrapers


Extra Information

Disc Features;

  • Frame leveling crank
  • Spring cushion gangs
  • Gang angle adjustment
  • Transport warning light package
  • Hydraulic cylinders with hoses to tractor

The Y2000:

  • Guaranteed to withstand tough conditions
  • Massive frame to it’s 36” blades.
  • Eliminate downtime with the low bearing to blade ratio and heavy duty construction.

cutting widths on these discs are 11' 9" or 17' 6"


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Cutting Width 11' 6" --
No. of Bearings 6 Front, 4 Rear --
No. of Blades 12 Front, 13 Rear --
Transport Width 12' 7" --
Transport Height 7' 0" --
Weight Per Blade 428 lbs --
Weight Per Foot 930 lbs --
Approx. Weight 10,700 lbs --
Axle Type Single --
Blade Dimensions 28" x 5/6" --
Blade Spacing 11" --
Frame Dimensions 8" x 4" x 3/8" --
Hubs / Tires 8 Bolt / 12.5L x 15 --