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Apr 12, 2024

Choose Your Harrow. RiteWay 5 Bar or 7 Bar.

If you’ve heard good things about RiteWay tine harrows, and you’re thinking of buying one, you might be wondering if the HH8200 5-bar or MH7200 7-bar model is right for you.  Both are designed to best serve the needs of customers but in different ways to suit different purposes. Let’s start by looking at the most important working feature of both harrows. Tines The five-bar harrows are equipped with 25 28” tines –longer than the 26” tines you usually see in competitor models. The HH8200 offers two tine thickness options – the standard 9/16” or the stouter-than-usual 5/8”. Whichever thickness...

Posted by: Jeff Brown

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May 6, 2022

6 Reasons to Use a Riteway 7-Bar Harrow This Year

When it’s time to get your fields prepped for seeding, there are a few different equipment options to choose from.  For many years, harrows have been used to prepare fields in different capacities. Whether you are levelling off ruts, busting up hardpan, or removing trash before seeding, both the Riteway 5-bar and 7-bar harrows have a specific purpose in the tillage cycle. With low-till or zero-tillage farming practices gaining popularity in the last decade, you need a way to create ideal seedbeds for your crop. Riteway 5-Bar Heavy Harrow in use Heavy harrows, often known as 5-bar harrows, are very...