Mar 24, 2022

Maximize efficiency during your planting window with a seed tender from Flaman

Timing is everything. In the farming world, it is important to be ready to go when nature calls. Seed tenders are great tools to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime during the planting window. Similar to how grain carts keep the combines rolling at harvest time, seed tenders are designed to keep the drills in the field and maximize available seeding hours in the spring.

Convey-All CST-1550

Some of the main reasons seed tenders are growing in popularity include:

  1. Speed & Efficiency
  2. Convenience, Versatility & Portability
  3. Scale Benefits

Speed & Efficiency

Speed and efficiency are often the deciding factors that influence producers to purchase a seed tender. By reducing downtime when filling and maximizing the available hours to plant, farmers will notice the immediate benefits of owning a seed tender. There are only 24 hours in a day, and when utilized properly, more work can get done in less time. Seed tenders are often able to load an air cart faster and safer than a stand-alone seed truck and traditional auger.

Convey-All Commercial Seed Tender in use
Convey-All CST-1550

Convenience, Versatility & Portability

Convenience, versatility, and portability are all key aspects to improving efficiency. Seed tenders give you the ability to load up seed in advance and strategically position your fill site where it needs to be. This can reduce the manpower needed to move seed around the countryside if your farmland is scattered. One person can independently use the onboard conveyor to conveniently load the drill with the ease of a remote, reducing the need for extra bodies to move around in trucks and start/stop the fill auger before it overflows the tank.

Scale Benefits

Scale systems allow producers to precisely meter products when filling and emptying the seed tender and when filling the air cart or planter. This ensures operators know exactly how much seed is being allocated to which compartment This also allows for even distribution when filling the air cart to ensure there is no excess product left in one tank and not the other.
Whatever your reason for wanting to improve efficiency, the time is now to visit your local Flaman dealer and learn how to maximize your planting window with a new seed tender.
At Flaman, we offer three options of seed tenders in our product lineup – the Convey-All Commercial Seed Tender, Convey-All Seed Cart, and the Haul All Side Draw Seed Tender

Haul All Side Draw Seed Tender
New to our product offering: Side Draw Seed Tenders from Haul All Industries

There are many different options and features to be aware of when considering a seed tender, including size, capacity, and functions. For more information on these three seed tenders options or to learn which one would best suit the needs of your operation, talk to one of our ag specialists at your nearest Flaman location.