Grain Baggers / Extractors

The Flaman Pro Grain Bagger BX6, Pro Grain Extractor and Pro Grain Bag Roller R2 are manufactured in North America.

The Pro Grain Bag Roller efficiently rolls up your used grain bags so that you can recycle them and keep the environment clean.

Tridekon has been developing and testing grain bag extracting machines since 2008 – the Grain Boss 13” and 16” grain bag unloader models are a result of rigorous in the field development over the past years. 

Pro Grain Bagger BX6

Flaman Pro Grain Bagger BX6

Grain Boss Extractor

Tridekon Grain Boss Extractor

Pro Grain Extractor

Pro Grain Extractor

Grain Bag Roller R2

Pro Grain Bag Roller R2