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Manufactured in Saskatchewan, Pro Grain Equipment offers multiple grain bagger models including the B-1610, B-2010, and B-2012. Suitable for both small family farms and large-scale operations, these highly versatile machines are an efficient and affordable alternative to hopper bin storage.

The Pro Grain B-1610 is a 10’ bagger that offers two options: a hopper that can be used to fill the bags with a combine or grain cart, or an auger/conveyor inlet that can be used if you’re filling the bags up with trucks. Featuring a 16” auger, this machine has the capability of bagging up to 24,000 bushels per hour.

The Pro Grain B-2010H is a 10’ bagger with a hopper only option. The 20” auger allows for quick loading of grain bags up to 32,000 bushels an hour.

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  • Electric Winch Bag Lift

    Electric Winch Bag Lift

  • Adjusting Wheel, Control Panel & Brake Pressure Gauge

    Adjusting Wheel, Control Panel & Brake Pressure Gauge

  • Electric Actuator & Bag Straps

    Electric Actuator & Bag Straps

  • Safety Stairs & Platform

    Safety Stairs & Platform



  • B-1610 Grain Bagger

    B-1610 Grain Bagger

  • B-2010H Grain Bagger

    B-2010H Grain Bagger

  • Hopper Option

    Hopper Option

  • T-1425 Telescoping Transfer Auger

    T-1425 Telescoping Transfer Auger


Extra Information

Utilizing 540 direct drive PTO and featuring an electric winch bag lift, a control valve, and all-terrain tires, these grain baggers allow you to fill grain bags quickly and efficiently at various moisture levels with consistent brake pressure. Keep grain storage operations simple and low maintenance with just pennies a bushel with a Pro Grain grain bagger.


  • 16” or 20” auger
  • 10’ or 12’ bag
  • 16” all-terrain tires with aggressive grip for proper traction
  • Control panel and hand wheel controls hydraulic cylinder on disc brakes
  • Easily install both your bag and conveyor with an electric winch lift
  • Hydraulic conveyor and braking system keep a steady flow into your grain bags
  • Electric actuators lower and raise bag pan 
  • Easily replaceable wear plate to help withstand high-production levels

Loading Options:

  • Telescoping Swing Drive 14” Auger
  • Telescoping Swing Drive 24” Conveyor
  • Loading Hopper

Pro Grain T-1425 Transfer Auger:

The Pro Grain T-1425 Telescoping Transfer Auger works hand in hand with your bagger, making it an economical and efficient solution for transferring grain from your truck to your grain bags.

  • 11,500 BU/hr capacity
  • Telescoping auger
  • Hydraulic mover kit
  • Adjustable height positions


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Weight 2,820 lbs --
Dimensions (LxWxH) 13' 2" x 14' 3" x 13' 3" --
Bag Size 10' --
Capacity 24,000 BU/hr --
Main Auger Size 16" --
PTO 540 Direct Drive --
HP Required 80 HP --
Brakes Hydraulic Disc --
Auger/Conveyor Option Yes --
Warranty 2 Year Limited --





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