AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor

Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor

The AGI Hutchinson Double Run Chain Conveyor is a powerful yet gentle grain handling system, capable of moving virtually any grain into your bin, from wheat and barley to canola seed and pulse crops. UHMW plastic paddles convey the grain at up to 4,000 BU/hr in the 8" model and up to 6,000 BU/hr with the 10" model. Available in electric and PTO drives, the Double Run is perfect for filling bins, dryers, and temporary storage. Moving the commodity in columns of grain, this chain conveyor preserves the seed quality while maintaining consistent capacities no matter the load.

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The Double Run is highly versatile, capable of maneuvering in tight spaces to get your grain in your bins, no matter what your yard site layout is. Whether it's a 15 or 45 degree-angle, you can count on the Double Run to move your grain safely and efficiently. And because it utilizes a plastic paddle chain conveyor system, it requires far less maintenance than a typical screw auger would, without sacrificing results.


En Masse: Moves product in columns of grain, leading to better quality by causing less damage

12 GA galvanized tube housing: The tube of the Hutchinson Double Run is galvanized to resist rust, allowing you to use it where it's most convenient

Lower horsepower requirement: Compatible with more tractors and motors, allowing for a wider selection of power sources

Heavy duty winch systems: Hydraulic, electric and hand winches available

Head chain adjustment: Threaded rods on each side of the head make adjustments easier, allowing you to get back to work quicker

Consistent capacity: Capacity is not affected by grain type, this unit is fast no matter which crop you're moving

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Lengths 42', 52', 62', 72', 82' --
Capacity up to 4,000 BPH --