Batco BCX3 Field Loader

BCX3 Field Loader

Product Information

The new Batco BCX3 all-farm commodity field loader is equipped to tackle tough jobs with the help of its two belt scrapers, belt brush, and a turbo clean wash system. This conveyor confidently moves it all – cereals, pulses, canola & other oilseeds, and fertilizers – reducing the need to have multiple portable handling solutions on your farm.

This 49’ conveyor moves up to 10,000 BPH and features a redesigned S-Drive, increased belt take-up, a new wider hopper, quick access guarding, a new spout, and a whole new ergonomic command centre including electric throttle. The BCX3 also utilizes the new IBEX Mover Kit – featuring better traction, drop and go wheel system, a powerful motor, and built-in braking system.

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  • Redesigned Mover Kit

    Redesigned Mover Kit

  • New, Wider Hopper Design

    New, Wider Hopper Design

  • Re-Engineered Hydraulic System

    Re-Engineered Hydraulic System

  • Ergonomic Command Centre

    Ergonomic Command Centre



  • Under Mount


Extra Information

All Grain Commodity System: Equipped to handle all seed types with confidence – including canola and other oilseeds.

Turbo Clean Wash System: Easy-to-use system washes belt after each use, removing debris and residue from tough to wash commodities like fertilizers or oilseeds – increasing the longevity of your belt.

Belt Scrapers & Belt Brush: Help to minimize build up on the belt – making it easier to keep clean, reducing downtime and replacement costs, and increasing the belt life.

New Hopper Design: 32” wide hopper for the full working length of the bed.

All-New S-Drive: More built-in belt take-up.

IBEX Wheel Mover: Has a built-in braking system, better traction, 160° turning radius, and a powerful motor.

Re-Engineered Hydraulic System: Designed to last longer, perform better, and keep the system clean with a filter while using Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF).

Ergonomic Command Centre: Easily operate all the control from one location including the new electronic throttle, lights, start/stop, all hydraulics, and the electric clutch.

2 Year Limited Warranty 



Conveyor Length 49'
Capacity Up to 10,000 BPH
Tube & Belt Size 10" Tube / 15" Belt
Belt Length 110' 8"
Width 7' 6"
Gas Drive HP 32 HP Kohler or 33 EFI Vanguard
Transport Length 52' 6"
Transport Height 12' 4"
Commodities All Commodities (Cereals, Pulses, Canola/Oilseeds & Fertilizers)





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