Chem Handlers

Chem Handlers

Chemical Mixer

Chembine Chemical Mixer


Chembine Hot-Tank

Bandit Liquid Fertilizer Wagon

Polywest Bandit Liquid Fertilizer Wagon

Chem Station

Straight Shot Chem Station

Chemical handlers reduce the time it takes you to properly mix and load both liquid products and dry powders for crop production while keeping you safe. Flaman's selection of chem handlers have a few common design features including user-friendly controls, jug rinsing, knife systems, flow meters, recirculation plumbing, and leak-proofing. These characteristics transform plastic and metal to become some of the most valuable tools in your spraying operation. Get one that rides with you for blending on-the-go. This will increase your productivity and effectiveness in the field. Flaman carries several sizes from two leading manufacturers, each with their own unique benefits. Chem handlers are life-changing investments that you'll wish you'd had known about sooner. Talk to a Flaman team member to discuss how a chem handler can save you time and keep you safe. Check out our current selection from Polywest, Chembine, and StraightShot.

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