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Nov 9, 2017

Saskatchewan Harvest 2017: A 48-year career farmer talks draught, agriculture technology, and facing the inevitable tough times

Harvest 2017 was a tough year for many Saskatchewan farmers.   Doug Jones of Whitby Farms was one of Saskatchewan's first to wrap up harvest 2017. He says it's thanks to a prototype loaner combine -- one of two sent for field testing in Western Canada -- on top of the two he runs every other year. And a family team that works together year round.   The Flaman Agriculture team caught up with Doug while he had a few fleeting moments of free time on his hands. We talked about what effect this years' terrible drought conditions had on...

Mar 28, 2016

Craig Reynolds Speaks to Flaman on 'Change'

The Flaman Agriculture division meetings were highlighted by a presentation on “change” by Craig Reynolds, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club.     Clearly the Riders have seen significant change this year and Craig provided some key insights as to how and why change happens. Both business and football have competitive environments were change is sometimes necessary.   The image below features Flaman’s Saskatchewan agriculture team, with Craig standing just left of centre. Thank you Craig for coming to our meeting and sharing with our team!

Dec 10, 2015

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency Releases Fall Conditions Report

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency Releases Fall Conditions Report Dec. 10 - 2015 [Full report is here ] [Note:  As snowfall can dramatically impact runoff, the report is not a runoff forecast but rather an early indication of what areas are more vulnerable to above or below normal runoff.]   Today, the Water Security Agency (WSA) released the 2015 Conditions at Freeze-up Report.  The report summarizes the water supply conditions during the late fall and early winter period.  This report helps provide a better understanding of the conditions on the ground in preparation for spring runoff in 2016. The majority of...

Nov 5, 2015

SK Announces Incentive Program To Sell Agricultural Crown Land

PROVINCE ANNOUNCES INCENTIVE PROGRAM TO SELL AGRICULTURAL CROWN LAND Released on November 4, 2015 Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart today announced a new incentive program to encourage the sale of eligible occupied agricultural Crown land.  The program, which comes into effect immediately, offers purchase incentives on the sale of the land to current lease-holders. “As a government, our priority is administering land that has a higher public good from an ecological, environmental, heritage or economic perspective,” Stewart said.  "The government still owns a lot of land that does not serve these purposes.  We want to sell eligible agriculture crown land to...

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Oct 26, 2015

2016 Government of Saskatchewan Agriculture Scholarship Announced

2016 Government of Saskatchewan Agriculture Scholarship Announced Released on October 23, 2015 Today, Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart announced the 2016 Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship. “This year’s scholarship theme, Stewards in Sustainability, is designed to get young people thinking about the relationship between agriculture and the environment,” Stewart said.  “With this scholarship, passionate youth will have the opportunity to pursue careers in the many professions that the industry has to offer.” Interested students can apply for the scholarship by submitting a creative, three minute video or well-researched 1,000 word essay based on topics surrounding agriculture and sustainability.  These topics include technology’s...

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