May 14, 2024

Three reasons why a Magnum fuel trailer is worth a second look.

The more acres you have to till, seed, and harvest, the less time you’ll want to spend refueling. The Magnum Tandem Fuel Trailer and Tridem Fuel Cannon Gooseneck allow you to bring 660 or 1,000 imperial gallons of fuel with you, so you can concentrate on getting the job done. That’s one reason to add a fuel trailer to your farm fleet. Here are three more from our team:

Field Ready. Built to Last.
Our Transport Canada-approved trailers feature durable tanks, solid construction, two-part coating, and 7,000 lb. Torflex axles. They’re more than ready for repeated field use.

Fuel trailers never see good roads. The quality of the Magnum build is impressive. These fuel trailers are rugged and built to last.”
Zane (Swift Current)

Organize Your Tools and Store Essential Equipment.
Our Fuel trailers carry more than fuel. Kevin Heaney of Flaman Southey says you can also find room for other necessities that keep your equipment moving in the field.   

 “Built to get fuel to the field, they are a well-made self-contained fuel solution that also has great storage options. The cabinet and toolbox options mean you can organize your tools the way you want, keep a needed compressor or generator close at hand, or store parts for your equipment.”
Kevin (Southey)  

Size and Budget Options   
With its 1,000-gallon capacity, our Magnum Tridem Gooseneck Fuel Trailer can keep three combines and one tractor working. If you don’t need to go big, our mid-size 660-gallon unit is an economical solution.

“The 660-gallon mid-size is a rugged, well-built option that is well-sized for the field. Simple to use, it is a good mid-price option.”
Kevin (Moosomin)

Learn More About Magnum Fuel Trailers

Call or visit your nearest Flaman location and ask our trailer experts to tell you more about the benefits of a Magnum Fuel Trailer. They’ll be happy to discuss available options to create the field-ready trailer you need. 

Posted by: Jeff Brown

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