Jul 11, 2023

Farmer-Approved Moisture Testing from Perten

In agriculture, nothing is ever absolutely certain. However, farmers who’ve used the Perten AM 5200-Farm Moisture Meter say its instantaneous accuracy comes impressively close.

“When you have so many different people around - four different people using it - it was nice not to use the scale,” says Bruce Elke of Jansen, Saskatchewan. “Everybody puts it in and gets the same result.”

Bruce Elke shares the benefits of the Perten 5200-Farm

It’s not the first moisture tester to have its accuracy praised, not even the first one Bruce has praised. His previous tester was also bang-on, but the 5200-Farm brings something extra to the table. “I think really it was the ease of use and just taking out the possibilities of error,” he says.
“Customers like that,” observes Shaun Gettis, Vice President of Sales at Flaman. “No need to weigh or take temperature tests.”
A Simple Process
For a machine that delivers precise moisture reports for various grains, oilseeds, pulses, beans, lentils, seeds, and more the 5200-Farm is a breeze to operate.
Just select the grain type you’re analyzing from an extensive onscreen menu showing virtually every type available in North America. You can then enter ID info for your sample, saving your bin number, test date, and time for future reference.

Photo of man pouring sample into Perten 5200-Farm moisture meter
Then scoop your sample in until the 5200’s cup is full and click GO. The tester intuitively takes the prescribed weight it needs and removes the excess. After a 25-second analysis, your sample’s moisture, bushel weight, and temperature all show up on the 5200’s colour touch-screen display. Every kernel in the machine drops into a clean-out drawer for easy removal. Need to do another sample? Just hit NEXT.

Photo of Perten touchscreen interface reading moisture level of canola
“There was no chance of finding the wrong page in the book or using the wrong weight and having mistakes made,” says Bruce Elke. “That was one of the things that I really liked.”
Reliable Readings. Customer Confidence.
The moisture curve remains accurate throughout a wide range of temperatures. That’s critical for farmers drying grain or harvesting on hot days. Not surprisingly, it’s one of the benefits potential users are most curious about. 
Some have seen the Perten 5200-Farm at work in their local elevator. Others have had a Flaman rep bring one out to their farm to demonstrate the tester’s advanced accuracy sampling their own grain, and the response has been positive.
Photo of Perten on the back of a truck for a demonstration
Ask your local Flaman sales rep about an on-farm demo

“Farmers like that the test data is logged,” says Shaun Gettis. “The bushel weight gives them more insight into their grain.” That, along with consistent, reliable moisture testing results – even in extreme temperatures – allows producers to make their combining and grain drying decisions with confidence, which is value for money.

Experience Perten AM 5200-Farm Accuracy at Flaman
Call or visit your nearest Flaman location to discuss how the 5200 can give you confidence in your crop’s readiness. Talk to a moisture-testing expert at any of our 11 locations across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.