May 11, 2023

The Right People are the Key to Superior Service

“It pays to invest in people,” says Rick Knight, Service Manager at Flaman’s Nisku, Alberta location since 2021. He’s describing what brought him to Flaman after 30 successful years in the automotive, motorsport, and trailer service industry.

“It’s people and family oriented,” he says. The company’s care for its team and its customers impressed him. So did its principle of always wanting to do what’s right, a keystone of its founder’s philosophy. “I knew about Frank Flaman and his involvement in the community. I also heard when he gave up his entire company to charity, I respect that so much.”  

Rick applied his years of experience to building on what Frank Flaman had begun. Inspired by Flaman’s 60 years of growth, Rick knew his service department could take its own leap forward.  

Common Problem. Flaman Solution. 
It would be tough. Qualified trades people were in short supply, but Flaman already had a solid strategy for growing teams like Rick’s service department - promoting from within.  Rick deemed it a tailor-made solution.

“Most of our employees have mechanical experience and/or welding/fabrication experience. Some have farm experience, but we also have people come straight out of high school and be successful.” 

Natural Born Mechanics 
James Usselman can tell you exactly how that happens. 

“I was looking for employment and dropped off an application,” James recounts. “I knew Flaman was in the Ag business, and I grew up on a farm, so I already knew about Flaman’s products and services.” He knew what made them work as well. His father was a self-taught mechanic. “No training or certification, just a natural-born mechanic.”  

James says his father put his skills to work for several neighbours on farms in his community near Allan, Saskatchewan. “For as long as I can remember, I was by his side – mostly in the way – for a number of years.” It wasn’t a huge number of years, as James was already a reliable mechanical helper at the tender age of 10. “Things just progressed from there. We did automotive, ag, and heavy-duty repairs – everything from oil changes and brake jobs to full engine rebuilds.”  

Aptitude can take you a long way.  
When James went job hunting, he could present an impressive list of skills, but he lacked the certification to go with them. That might discourage other employers, but not Flaman. 

“Any certifications I have, I received here,” James says. Flaman started him on forklift engine rebuilds and general maintenance on all company vehicles. His talents earned him a spot in the service department, where he continued to impress. In 2005, the department moved into a new building, and James moved into a new role – Flaman’s Saskatoon-based Service Manager. 

Great Beginnings to Promising Futures 
James isn’t the only success story.  

“We had an entry level position for wash bay attendant,” Rick Knight recalls. “A 17-year-old showed up on his last day of school after writing his last final exam. He had a great attitude and personality; we hired him on the spot. Within 7 days, we realized his ability and skill set, moved him into the Service shop, and started to train him as a Tech.” 

A High Service Standard 
A high service standard is what Flaman Service Department shoots for. James agrees: “We try to do the job like we’re working on our own equipment.”  

In one sense, they ARE working on their own equipment, because Flaman services virtually everything it sells. But the team also services equipment bought elsewhere. Trailer repairs may be the star attraction, but it’s on a long list of items Flaman staff can fix and maintain, including: Augers, Conveyors, Discs, Grain carts, Post pounders, Pressure washers, Rough cut mowers, Seed tenders, Water pumps.
The staff also install truck decks and accessories, and they’re pros at in-house fabrication and customization. It all adds up to a wide range of services.

Good Opportunities for Good People 
No mechanical background? Not a deal breaker.

“We do start people from scratch,” Rick says. Flaman employees have earned training and advancement by demonstrating a great attitude, willingness to learn, punctuality, and a consistent work ethic.  

That policy pays off in the biggest dividends a Service Manager could hope for. 

“In return, we get great people, long-lasting team members, people with the same goals. They appreciate everything we have done, and we all truly become a family,” Rick says. “When it comes to doing the work and repairs, we haven’t failed to meet a challenge yet. 

“We are very confident in our team here at Flaman.” 

We value positive, long-term relationships with our employees. 
Do you have the customer-focused, team-oriented qualities described above? How about the experience, aptitude, or interest to pursue a mechanical career? Flaman employment opportunities offer much more than great service jobs. Successful candidates can take advantage of career training, advancement opportunities, competitive compensation, an extensive benefits package, RRSP and incentive programs.  

At Flaman, we value positive, long-term relationships with our employees.  If that sounds good to you, our service department is hiring. Visit Flaman Careers to apply.

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