Jun 3, 2021

Heavy harrow meets high speed tillage: Why the Schulte SoilStar Disc Harrow is the best of both worlds

There are a lot of different discs and harrows on the market, but there is nothing quite like the Schulte SoilStar Disc Harrow.

Schulte DHX-600 in the field

Whether you are cleaning up after a bumper crop or dealing with pulse residue post-harvest, properly managing the trash in your field is important prior to seeding. The Schulte DHX combines a 5-bar heavy harrow and a double row of wavy coulter discs. This unique design is engineered to properly size straw and manage it in the top 1.5” – 2” of the soil.

5-Bar Harrow & Wavy Coulter Discs
Pictured above: 5-bar heavy harrow & wavy coulter discs

Although traditional discs can be effective at leveling a field, they are also known to bury heavy straw residue down into the soil and not properly size it. The result of this is that the field may look like it has been left clean, but the straw remains intact below the surface. The problems arise when the air seeder brings the straw back to the surface in spring and creates trash piles.

Harrowing can also prove effective in providing a finer finish to the field prior to seeding, but heavy trash that remains after a large-yielding crop can bunch up and create substantial piles of material behind the equipment.

Schulte 60' Disc Harrow in action

The Schulte Disc Harrow is the best of both worlds. The 18” double row of wavy coulter discs are spaced at 7.2” and are available in 8 wave and 13 wave options – effectively sizing the straw in the top 1.5” – 2” of the soil. This levels the soil without being overly aggressive and without over-disturbing the topsoil like a concave disc.

DHX Wavy Coulters

The coulter discs move independently from the main frame, which allows the operator to either maximize the weight of the machine on the cutting edge of the discs or lift them completely and use the DHX as a 5-bar harrow.

The Schulte SoilStar is available in 36’ and 60’ widths and requires a minimum of 8 HP per foot. Depending on the stubble and soil conditions, the DHX can be pulled between 7-10 mph. 

Schulte DHX-600
DHX-600 (60' model) 

DHX-360DHX-360 (36' model) 

Whether you are prepping the field in late fall or early spring, the Schulte DHX is proven to get you in the field sooner and maximize your time. With the ability to adjust the disc depth and tine angle from 35 degrees to 90 degrees, you no longer have to wait for ideal conditions to get rolling – the Schulte Disc Harrow is just as effective in wet conditions. When used in the springtime, the DHX can warm up the soil and speed up weed seed germination to promote a proper pre-seed burn off for producers hitting the field with a sprayer.

The versatility of the Schulte Disc Harrow is what sets it apart from the competition in the tillage world. 

Reagan from Schulte Industries walks us through the features of the DHX-360

For more information on how the Schulte DHX can help you manage post-harvest trash and straw residue in your field this fall or quicken soil warming and increase water penetration next spring, talk to one of our ag specialists at your nearest Flaman location.