Aug 4, 2020

The Top 10 Reasons to Use Grain Bags

Grain bagging has been gaining acclaim and popularity among farmers for being a resourceful, flexible, and time and money-saving grain storage option. The benefits are many, and farmers appreciate the efficiency of this innovative storage technique.

Ag Flex Grain Bag in the field

If you bag grain, you can expect to experience the following 10 benefits during your harvest season:

1. Saves the farmer's time.

When you bag grain, you reduce time loading grain into trucks and transporting it to grain bins or elevators. You can harvest the grain and store it right there in the field, which drastically cuts down on work time by eliminating so much back and forth to older, more traditional storage containers.

2. Increases harvest efficiency.

Grain bagging is easily the most flexible and efficient method for storing grain. You can store the bags anywhere that’s convenient (field, farm, or other lots), you have unlimited capacity, you have fewer labour constraints, you can move grain faster, and you can segregate grain variety easily into different storage bags. Overall, the processes during harvest are completely streamlined and made as productive as possible with grain bagging.

3. Improves commodity marketing.

Grain bagging preserves grain due to the ideal environment for grain within the bags themselves. When the bags are sealed, they are airtight, which eliminates the need for preservative chemicals and retains the grain quality. If commodity prices are low, and where storage constraints exist, bagging provides flexible unlimited storage. This allows farmers to control and plan the right time to market the crop for top dollar.

4. Reduces labour problems.

Because fewer trucks are required with grain bagging, your labour inefficiencies and costs will naturally reduce. Grain can be stored in the field where it’s bagged, which lowers the need for additional labourers.

5. Provides a storage solution for rented land.

For farmers who rent additional land and either don’t have their own storage bins, don’t have room in storage bins, or don’t want to deal with the cost and inconvenience of using the elevators, grain bagging allows easy storage for those rented land crops. There are virtually endless amounts of storage when you bag your grain.

6. Allows for unlimited storage capacity.

Even if you don’t rent land, if you have a bumper crop, or if your previous year’s crops are taking up storage space, you can utilize grain storage bags to safely and effectively store unlimited amounts of grain directly in the field.

7. Is a cost-efficient storage option.

You can store your grain in bags for about 7 cents per bushel (or less, in some cases). Alternatively, traditional grain bin storage can range anywhere from 14 cents to 37 cents per bushel, a massive expenditure in comparison to grain bagging.

8. Reliable and easily transportable.

After grain bags are sealed, oxygen levels decrease and carbon dioxide increases. This change in the environment can eliminate several strains of fungal diseases and insects without having to use harsh chemicals. Plus, when you are ready to market and sell the crops, you can unload them after harvest when it’s a more convenient time, more labour is available and truck costs are more sensible.

9. Expands the harvest window.

Farmers can start harvest operations earlier in the season and run later into fall by bagging grain that is higher than average moisture. You can unload the grain and dry it at a later time to lower the chance of bottlenecks at a grain dryer.

10. Improves the ability to avoid weather-related harvest issues.

Because your harvest operation will be moving faster and more efficiently, if there are weather delays or setbacks, you’ll be able to easily pivot and adjust your timeline. Your larger window for harvest also allows greater flexibility in dealing with weather restraints.

Aerial view of grain bagger in the field

To learn more about grain bagging and to see which grain bagging products could improve your harvest capabilities, get in touch with us. We would be happy to walk you through everything you require for your grain bagging needs and answer any questions you might have.


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