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Bin-Sense Monitoring Cables work with your Bin-Sense system to accurately monitor temperature, moisture & approx grain depth in your bins.

Prevent your stored grain from spoiling.The BIN-SENSE® moisture and temperature monitoring cables are designed for various grain storage facilities and can be used in combination with the BIN- SENSE LIVE (24/7 remote monitoring) and BIN-SENSE DIRECT (direct to handheld monitor). BIN-SENSE® monitoring cables come in a variety of strengths to accurately read and track the levels of your stored grain. Add additional monitoring cables to efficiently produce data on any size of flat bottom bins, hopper bins, and storage containers.

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Extra Information

Bin-Sense Monitoring Cables Features:

  • Accurate temperature and moisture sensors for grain storage management
  • Innovative swivel head design
  • Centering flange for easy, accurate alignment in the grain bin
  • Designed to fit roof brackets
  • In-field serviceable design on grain bin monitoring cables
  • Available in standard, premium and industrial strength
  • Roof bracket options are available for monitoring cable groups
  • Custom system installs available
  • Made in Canada
Customize your grain monitoring system with the increased accuracy of additional grain monitoring cables.





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