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Bin Sense Wireless Grain Monitoring

Wireless Grain Monitoring

Product Information

BIN-SENSE® LIVE is an award-winning wireless grain monitoring system, that gives you instant access to your stored grain anytime, anywhere.

Getting access to your stored grain no longer means being in the same physical location as your hopper or flat bottom bin. With one touch you’ll be able to read valuable information about your grain's quantity and quality through an interactive display screen. When you’re away from the farm you’ll stay connected with up-to-date text alerts sent to your phone or email.

BIN-SENSE® LIVE is compatible with your existing installed temperature and moisture cables. And you won’t need a new computer, software, or contract to maintain it.

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Extra Information

• Proven reliability
• Easy to use
• 24/7 monitoring
• Temperature and/or moisture sensors
• Level indicator/theft security
• Text and/or email alerts when changes occur
• Solar powered with battery backup or optional 115V AC adapter
• Compatible with existing installed cables
• No software, contracts or customer care fees

• -40 to 60C operating temperature
• Master control communicates with up to 70 remote units
• 2.4 GHZ radio frequency for locat communication
• Connects to BIN-SENSE® Fan Controllers
• Connects to temperature and mositure monitoring cables
• Internet-free transmission through cell towers to secure cloud server





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