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Bin Sense Direct Grain Monitoring

Direct Grain Monitoring

Product Information

BIN-SENSE® DIRECT - Turns your smartphone into a handheld grain monitoring tool! The BIN-SENSE® DIRECT works using the direct plugin from your device to your bin. The system is an on-site handheld grain monitoring tool that transforms your smartphone or tablet into a handheld moisture and temperature database. The BIN-SENSE® DIRECT software works through an easily accessible APP and doesn't require internet access. The free APP is compatible with Apple and Android, which connects to your device via Bluetooth or headphone cable.

BIN-SENSE® Fan Controllers work with your system to prevent spoiling with one touch. Start your aeration fans when needed, and set a timer for the length of operation

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Extra Information

Bin-Sense Direct Features:
• Transforms your smart phone or tablet into a handheld monitor
• Apple and Android compatible with free download of the BIN-SENSE® APP
• Connects to your device via Bluetooth or head phone cable
• Temperature and/or moisture sensors
• Compatible with existing installed cables
• Share data (cloud sync) option for multiple devices
• Upgrade to BIN-SENSE® LIVE at any time

Bin-Sense Direct Specs:
• -40C to +60C operating temperature
• Powered by two AA batteries





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