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The Handler

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Don’t compromise your safety for speed while mixing chemicals. Flaman has a selection of chemical handling systems that will make the task of mixing and loading chemicals into sprayers easier and more efficient – protecting you, your crops and your productivity. From Polywest we have the Chem Handler series, offering you a capacity range of 15 to 230 gallons to meet your needs no matter the size of your operation. These machines are popular due to their ability to cut, empty and rinse a container in seconds when mixing dry or liquid material allowing you to load your sprayer faster and get back in the field. They also easily handle bulk chemical mixing and batch mixtures thanks to the Handler venturi, cone bottom and calibrated tanks. Another series of product we carry from Polywest is the Bandit, a liquid fertilizer wagon, available in capacities from 1700 to 3400 gallons. They feature a heavy duty tubular steel frame, and high floatation radial tires to reduce compaction.

If you’re looking for unsurpassed speed while mixing chemicals for spraying, then the StraightShot Chem Station may be the solution for you. Its high-speed venturi will admit chemical up to 30% faster than previous product, and its compact, rectangular tank design (48”W x 45”H x 30”D) takes up to 28% space than other product – and that includes the plumbing. 

We understand that productivity is key when working on your farm, but we also do not want you to risk your safety by being exposed to chemicals or climbing on top of a tank, which is why we are happy to have these items in our line up. Drop by one of our 9 locations across Western Canada to speak with a member of our expert farm sales team to set you up with the best chemical handling system for your farm, or to learn more about our full selection of farm implements.