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Grain Air Tubes

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Cross Flow Aeration

Flaman offers a wide range of aeration systems to improve your grain drying efforts in both flat bottom, and hopper bottom bins. Removing moisture using aeration helps minimize the risk of grain spoilage and preserves the quality of your grain. With options from Grain Guard and Neco, you’ll find reliable solutions to your aeration needs. 

 With 25 years of experience creating aeration solutions for farmers, Grain Guard provides a line of innovative and economic options that include the Next Generation Rocket, Retro Rocket, Helfer Duct Rocket and horizontal straight duct tubes. The Retro Rocket is the only rocket system that allows you to easily retrofit your existing hopper bottoms with only two sets of hands, thanks to its unique lightweight, folded design. The Next Generation Rocket shares the same benefits of the Retro, but thanks to 5 years of field testing, now has additional features like improved airflow to the center of your hopper as well as re-designed legs and internal support rings for greater structural strength. The Helfer Duct Round Duct system is an alternative option for flat bottom bin aeration. Its central positioning releases air into the core of your bin, reducing drying time up to %50, lowering static pressure and improving your fan efficiency by as much as %20. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, horizontal straight duct tubes will be a good fit for you. Available in 3’ to 8’ sections, these duct systems are optimal for bins up to 26’ grain depth. 

Flaman offers full floor bin aeration systems in a variety of sizes from 14’ to 44’, that can be installed with the purchase of your bin or added to your existing bins. We also provide the Neco Grain Dryer, an innovative piece of equipment that allows you to monitor and dry all types of grains, including specialty beans, remotely with your smart phone or computer. Our 9 dealerships location across Western Canada provide a full selection of grain monitoring and aeration equipment for your farming needs. Visit your nearest location to speak with a member of our experienced sales team to learn more.Properly dried grain maintains its quality and the risk of spoilage is minimized. 

Stop by one of Flaman’s 10 dealerships today, located across Alberta (Lethbridge, Medicine Hat or Nisku (south of Edmonton), Saskatchewan (Moosomin, Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Southey (north of Regina), Swift Current or Yorkton) and Manitoba (Swan River), and find the aeration system that’s right for your operation.