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2019 Flaman 3 Phase Aeration Fan - Mint Condition!

2019 Flaman 3 Phase Aeration Fan - Mint Condition!

Yorkton, SK

Whether you’re utilizing flat bottom or hopper bottom bins, Flaman has the right aeration system to suit your needs. 

Flaman offers a line of aeration systems from Grain Guard, including the Retro Rocket, with the ability to retrofit your hopper bottom bin quickly and easily; the Next Generation Rocket, which has all of the same great features as the Retro Rocket, but with improved airflow and other updates; the Helfer Duct Round Duct works great for flat bottom bins and can cut drying time in half; and horizontal tubes for a cost-effective aeration solution. 

Other aeration options include a full floor bin aerator, accommodating sizes from 14 feet to 44 feet. These can be installed in your current bins, or you can order this option when purchasing new bins. 

Flaman also offers the Neco Grain Dryer, which offers all the bells and whistles for remotely monitoring your drying grain, even specialty beans, and utilizes your smartphone or computer. 

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