Grain Carts

J&M X-Tended Reach Grain Carts (875 to 1500 BU)

X-Tended Reach Grain Carts (875 to 1500 BU)

Product Information

The 12 & 22 Series J&M X-Tended Reach Grain Carts are available in 875 to 1,500 bushel capacities. The upper auger has been extended for even greater outward, upward, and forward reach, all while folding diagonally along the front of the cart for compact storage. The in-line auger design allows the grain to quickly travel straight from lower to upper auger, while the low side of the grain cart features a bolt-on tank design that extends toward the combine auger for an additional two feet. The 22 Series X-Tended Reach models offer the same features, but also includes J&M’s patented leaner tank design.

Flaman is now carrying Special Edition Canadian decaled J&M X-Tended Reach Grain Carts for a limited time! All Canadian wrapped units come fully loaded with an iFarm Scale, Rolling Tarp, and 1 ¾” PTO drive. Ask your local Flaman expert for more information!

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  • iFarm Wireless Grain Monitoring

    iFarm Wireless Grain Monitoring

  • Michel's Rolling Tarp

    Michel's Rolling Tarp

  • Storm Tracker Grain Cart Tracks

    Storm Tracker Grain Cart Tracks

  • Hydraulic Drive Kit

    Hydraulic Drive Kit


Extra Information

New Bullet Auger: The new 20” bullet auger unloads 600+ bushels per minute, the same rate as a larger 22” auger.

In-Line Auger Design: The grain is not re-directed, ensuring efficiency and better transfer.

100% Visibility: Provides complete visibility of the upper auger during unloading and during the folding sequence.

Telescoping Flow Control Spout: Extends in the outward position to maximize side reach and retracts when unloading in the downward position to maximize unloading height.

Excellent Clean-Out: Allows for unrestricted grain flow and prevents bridging in high moisture.

Bolt-On Tank Design: Allows tank to extend toward the combine auger.

J&M iFarm Plus: A wireless weighing system with moisture sensor option.


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Capacity 1,130 BU --
Auger 20" Bullet --
Unload Time (bu/min) 600+ bushels --
Track Option Available Yes --
Hubs 10 Bolt or 20 Bolt --
Spindles 6” diameter --
Tongue Weight: Empty 2,900 lbs --
Tongue Weight: Loaded 4,200 lbs --
Total Weight (approx.) 14,600 lbs --