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Workhorse industry leading Field Sprayers come in a variety of tank sizes with various functionalities to meet your spraying needs. Engineered for performance and reliability, perfectly suited for your lawn, field, farm or acreage.

Flaman has a full line of sprayers available for your ATV, including portable hand sprayers, tow-behind sprayers, and utility skid mount.

All tanks are impact & corrosion resistant Polyethylene.

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Extra Information

Sprayer Types
Compact Sprayers; perfect for home watering and weed control
Utility Skid Mount; for irrigating and supplying water to your fields and crops
Tow Behind Sprayers;
 for ATV and tractor towing for fence row, driveway, lawn and garden 
ATV Sprayers;
 ATV mounted sprayers for gardens, fence rows, food plots and pastures
3-Point Sprayers;
ideal for compact tractors, pastures, row crops, and other large areas 

NEW 60 Gal Utility Skid Mount and Tow Behind Sprayers now available!

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Filler cap large fill mouth --
GPM 1.0 demand pump --
PSI 40 --
Boom Coverage no boom --
Handgun 25 ft --


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