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BE Compact Sprayers

Flaman offers small sprayers for your lawn and garden to help green up the grass. We have multiple options for spot spraying, fence line, and hard-to-reach areas.  Attach your new sprayer on an ATV or UTV to cover more ground. Trailers offer the ability to cover large areas with a large quantity of water or fertilizer.

From Enduraplas we carry the Land Champ made for tractors. Up to 200-gallon capacity, you’ll be able to get into hard-to-reach areas between trees. Use 1 of the 3 versions of the Field Boss on your UTV to the ultimate mobility and spraying tool. Built-in fork pockets If you need to cover a large field or garden, add on the optional boom and extend the reach out to 30 feet. All Enduraplas tanks carry a 10-year warranty and are made from thick-walled heavy polyethylene in their signature green.

Workhorse Sprayers offers large tow-behind sprayers, along with skid mount, 3-point, ATV mounted, and portable sprayers. Each Workhorse sprayer is made from impact and corrosion-resistant polyethylene. The battery-powered 5-gallon sprayers are great for small yard work around the home and garden and save your arm from constant pumping.

For small sprayers Flaman carries Agriease BE sprayers that can be used in handheld applications with manual pumps or batteries, to backpack wand sprayers.

Flaman has you covered to take care of your lawn and garden year-round.