Snow Blowers

Schulte RDX/SDX-117 Snow Blower

RDX/SDX-117 Snow Blower

Product Information

The RDX-110 tractor mount snow blower uses a rotating drum that allows snow to be ejected from left, right, or through the center chute. The ability to eject snow from the left or right of the fan housing increases efficiency. The drum uses a high molecular plastic bearing material to ease rotation and prevent freezing.

On both the RDX-110 & SDX-110, a 1000 RPM, 250 HP gear driven drive system is standard. A heavily reinforced 23” bottom auger with formed struts ensures that hard chunks of snow and ice are fed into the fan with ease. This large open bottom auger also allows the snow blower to cut into hard pack snow where other snow blowers have difficulty.

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Cutting Width 117" 117"
Cutting Height 45-1/2" (1156mm) 45-1/2" (1156mm)
Bottom Auger Diameter 23" (584mm) 23" (584mm)
Top Auger Diameter 14" (357mm) 14" (357mm)
Fan Diameter 38" (965mm) 38" (965mm)
Fan Type 5 paddle cupped style 5 paddle cupped style
Weight 3085lbs (1400kg) 2750lbs (1247kg)
PTO Speed 1000 RPM 1000 RPM
Auger Drive Chain #80 #80
Capacity - Dry Snow / Wet Snow 837 tons/hr / 263 tons/hr 762 tons/hr / 249 tons/hr
HP Requirement 140-220 HP (104 - 149KW) 140-220 HP (104 - 149KW)