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Schulte SBX-87 Snow Blower

Schulte SBX-87 Snow Blower

Southey, SK
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Heaps of snow are just par for the course when you live in Canada, but snow removal doesn’t have to break the bank, or your back. Flaman offers snow blowers from Schulte, as well as the FM300, an attachment to mount your snow blower on the front of your tractor, as opposed to hooking it up to the rear. This means better visibility and more snow cleared out of your way faster. 

Snow blowers from Schulte range in size from 84 inches to 117 inches, utilizing a rotating drum to blow the snow out and away from you. 

Snow happens, and as much as we hate it, it’s probably not going to go away. Come in to one of our eleven Flaman dealerships today to find a solution to your winter blues. Flaman dealerships are located in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.