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7-Bar Harrow

Riteway 7-Bar Harrow

Heavy Harrow

Riteway Heavy Harrow

Rotary Harrow RH9200

Riteway Rotary Harrow RH9200

Soilstar DHX Disc Harrow

Schulte Soilstar DHX Disc Harrow

If trash and residue are ongoing concerns, a harrow could be the solution for you. At Flaman, we provide a selection of Riteway Harrows that are available in multiple sizes and working widths. 

The Riteway Heavy Harrow handles your conventional tillage, minimum-till, and zero-till operations. Featuring 9/16" tines that rake and level the ground, providing optimal seeding conditions. 

The 7-Bar Harrow from Riteway Manufacturing is lighter than the 5-bar but has twice as many tines. Offering you the flexibility to deal with excess straw post-harvest and residue management to create ideal seedbeds. 

The Riteway Rotary Harrow features unique 18” diameter chain-link tines that form a flexible, yet strong harrow. Rotary Harrow does an excellent job leveling the ground and removing deep-rooted residue. 

Add on a Valmar-style applicator to mix in granular chemicals and fertilizer to the topsoil. 

Switch from field to transport position with patented Field Transport Pivot Wheel system. This feature is standard on all Riteway harrows. Additional features include hydraulically adjustable tines controlled from the tractor cab. Allowing you to manage the aggressiveness of the harrowing fields. Parallel linkage arms to ensure even wear and equal pressure across all sections.

The Schulte Soilstar Disc Harrow offers the performance of a heavy harrow in combination with a speed tiller. The Schulte DHX can increase water penetration and manage straw residue post-harvest. 

Able to quicken soil warming in the spring before seeding. Promote weed seed germination to allow for burn-off operations. Available in 36' and 60' widths, this unique, harrow/disc combo can run as disc or harrow. 

The DHX features a double row of wavy coulters and a five-bar heavy harrow. Create optimal fields for the next level of performance for pre-seeding and post-harvest.

The variety of field prep equipment on the market is endless. Deciding which equipment is best for you can be a tedious task. Flaman’s ag equipment experts are here to help you make an informed choice to suit the needs of your operation. 

Visit one of our 11 dealerships, located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba and to view our selection of in-stock harrows, or to learn more about our full line of farm equipment.