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AGI NECO Grain Dryer

NECO Grain Dryer

Product Information

The AGI NECO Mixed Flow Grain Dryer is one of the most efficient dryers on the market, maximizing the test weight of dried grain and lowering your energy bill. From its unique wireless monitoring capabilities to proven reliability and easy installation, NECO Grain Dryers are designed not only for their performance but also for their versatility. Featuring mixed flow operation and a screenless design, AGI dryers have unequalled energy efficiency—saving up to 20–30% on fuel costs.

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  • Mixed Flow Drying Process

    Mixed Flow Drying Process

  • Quiet & Efficient Fans

    Quiet & Efficient Fans

  • Flexible Operation Capability

    Flexible Operation Capability

  • Moisture Control System

    Moisture Control System


Extra Information

Mixed Flow Drying Process: The mixed flow drying process preserves grain quality, while even cooling and heating provides kernel to kernel consistency.

How It Works: Heated air travels through the column of moving grain via the internal heat ducts, making the drying process more efficient as well as conserving the quality of grain. The heated air then exits through the outer exhaust ducts.

Screenless Technology: No screens to clean or unplug, maintaining airflow throughout the drying season and making it suitable for drying all grains without the risk of plugging.

Quiet & Efficient Fans: Forward curved blades allow for consistent, high volume air flow at lower speeds with substantially less noise.

Modular Design: Easy to install with the capability to be expanded and customized to suit your farming operation’s needs.

Effective for All Grains: The innovative design is ideal for drying all grains, including specialty beans.

Flexible Operation Capability: Allows dryer to run in full heat or heat and cool modes on single burner dryers. For multiple burner dryers individual temperature settings for each burner add unrivaled flexibility Multiple options for drying including full heat, heat and cool, steeping or sweating.

Moisture Controls: AGI NECO dryers use Commander Control with a DRYER MASTER moisture control system featuring easy-to-use touch screen navigation with clear graphics, tracking and graphing capabilities, and alarm and troubleshooting assistance. Optional COMMMANDnet allows remote access to your dryer to monitor its performance from your smartphone or computer.

You can package your NECO Grain Dryer with some great handling options such as Walinga Air Sytems, Elevator Legs, EMD Augers, Double Run Chain Augers, Galvanized Hopper Combo Bins, Galvanized Flat Bottom Bins, or Smoothwall Bins.