Warthog Floating Pump

Floating Pump

Product Information

If you need to move large volumes of water quickly and efficiently, the Warthog Pump is for you.

For extreme pumping;


  • Pumps at large volumes
  • Light and portable
  • Pumps quickly and efficiently
  • Floats on water
  • Long life and very durable
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Extra Information

  • Pumps 3200 liters (850 gallons) per minute that’s 192,000 liters (51,000 gallons) per hour.
  • Weighs only 38kg (85 pounds), a one-person job.
  • Set it up in minutes; place it on the water, roll out the hose, pull the cord and walk away. 
  • Highly fuel efficient; pumps more than 3 million liters water in 15 hours using only 26 liters of fuel.
  • Pumps continuously for twelve to fifteen hours between refueling and an optional auxiliary floating fuel tank.
  • Durable Materials; made from durable medium density polyethylene (proven effectiveness over fiberglass)
  • Reliable features; steel on gears and camlock hose attachment
  • Patent Pending Design; makes it the highest volume compact floating pump in the world 
The Warthog can replace a truck or trailer mounted pump at a fraction of the cost!


  • drain flooded land including sloughs, swamps, and potholes
  • fill dugouts
  • pump water for trickle irrigation
  • dry out construction
  • access water for firefighting
  • drain or irrigate golf courses
  • protect industrial sites from flooding
  • drain oilfield sites
  • aerate dugouts, ponds, and lakes



Capacity 700 IMP (850 US) gal/min
Engine Kohler
Hose 400'x6"




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