Wheel Changing

Wheel Wrangler

Wheel Wrangler

Designed by farmers to handle your large tire changes in a safe and easy manner.  

Flaman Agriculture carries the Wheel Wrangler built by Gatco— Saskatchewan-made in Swift Current—is designed to make your life easier by changing tractor and sprayer tires.

Let us save you time and energy on your next tire change! 

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  • Easily used with any forklift

    Easily used with any forklift

  • Line up wheels and tires with ease.

    Line up wheels and tires with ease.


Extra Information

It used to take three people all day to change tires and wheels on tractors or sprayers. With the Wheel Wrangler, it takes two people a couple of hours. The Wrangler can be attached to any 5-foot bucket or standard forklift.  

Vale Solutions made many improvements including rollers, adjustable safety bars, and lug nut pockets. Built-in rollers allow you to spin the tire to line up the bolt holes onto the wheel studs, reducing the time spent fighting with a tire. Along with adjustable safety, bars to keep the heavy tire from falling during installation. A small steel box allows you to keep hefty lug nuts in a clean place and not in your own pockets.

Pair the Wheel Wrangler with the optional Sprayer Jack, to change tractor tires quickly and safely in the farmyard.  

Contact your nearest Flaman Agriculture Dealer to help ease the pain of tire changeovers.  



Min Tire Diameter 42"
Max Tire Diameter 82"
Max Tire Width 28 3/4"
Max Load 1700 lbs