Post Pounders

Wheatheart Post Pounders

Post Pounders

Product Information

Wheatheart makes your fencing jobs easier! Wheatheart offers a complete line of heavy duty fencing equipment designed to make fencing jobs safe, fast and efficient.

Wheatheart Post Pounders (Post Drivers) include conveniently located joystick controls and four way tilt mast with a post hugger. Drive wood or steel posts up to 12" in diameter.

Post Pounders are available in 3 point hitch mount, versatile trailer models and a skid steer mount. All models are available with an optional Pilot Auger attachment.

Trailer models offer a choice of a self-contained PTO or a Honda motor drive hydraulic system, while 3 pt hitch models offer a PTO pump self-contained system on the side mast and optional self-contained or tractor hydraulics on the center mast unit.

Wheatheart offers a Post Pounder model to make any fencing job easier, including the following applications:

  •     Livestock
  •     Orchard
  •     Vineyard

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  • Heavy Duty and Hard Hitting

    Heavy Duty and Hard Hitting

  • Low Maintenance / Long Wear Characteristics

    Low Maintenance / Long Wear Characteristics

  • Swivel Control Panel w/ Joystick Hydraulic Controls

    Swivel Control Panel w/ Joystick Hydraulic Controls

  • Hydraulic Post Hugger

    Hydraulic Post Hugger

  • Adjustable Hammer Height

    Adjustable Hammer Height


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Tires NA --
Width (Transport) --
Length --
Hammer Height Max --
Hammer Height Min. --
Stroke 64" / 163 cm --
Drive Options 540 rpm PTO --
Shipping Height --
Transport Height NA --
Hammer Weight 660 lbs / 299 kg --
Weight (w/Hugger) 2220 lbs / 1007 kg --
Tilt Adjustment (Left/Right) --
Tilt Adjustment (Front/Back)  30° (15° from Vert.) --
Hydraulic Required (Min.) NA --




  • Self-Contained Hydraulic System

    Self-Contained Hydraulic System

  • Universal Mount Plate

    Universal Mount Plate