Post Pounders

AGI Post Pounders

Post Pounders

Product Information

AGI Post Pounders make fencing easier and more efficient. These low maintenance, hard-hitting units are ideal for livestock, vineyards, and orchard applications. AGI post drivers include conveniently located joystick controls and four-way tilt masts with a post hugger for added convenience and safety. They have the capability of driving wood or steel posts up to 12” in diameter, and the adjustable hammer head gives the flexibility of using different post lengths.

These Post Pounders are available in 3-point hitch mounts, skid steer mounts, or versatile trailer models.

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  • Square Post Hugger with Adjustable Hammer Height

    Square Post Hugger with Adjustable Hammer Height

  • Hydraulic Post Hugger

    Hydraulic Post Hugger

  • Large Post Storage (Renegade Trailer Model)

    Large Post Storage (Renegade Trailer Model)

  • 13 HP Honda Engine (Renegade Trailer Model)

    13 HP Honda Engine (Renegade Trailer Model)



  • Renegade (Trailer Model)

    Renegade (Trailer Model)

  • Outlaw (3-Point Hitch)

    Outlaw (3-Point Hitch)

  • Bandit (3-Point Hitch)

    Bandit (3-Point Hitch)

  • Sheriff (Skid Steer Mount)

    Sheriff (Skid Steer Mount)

  • Optional Pilot Auger

    Optional Pilot Auger


Extra Information

Renegade (Trailer Model): This trailer-mounted post pounder offers the convenience of towing posts with you as you work. The telescoping hitch, telescoping mast, and four-way tilt direction provides the flexibility of working on uneven surfaces – allowing you to pound posts exactly where they need to be.

Outlaw (3-Point Hitch): This versatile, free-standing three-point hitch post pounder features a telescoping mast and tilt functions that allow you to take this unit anywhere a tractor can go, including side hills. The low centre of gravity and wide stance provide added strength and stability.

Sheriff (Skid Steer Mount): This free-standing post pounder comes with a universal mount for skid steers and runs with a self-contained hydraulic system. The centre mast configuration improves the centre of gravity on this machine.

Renegade, Outlaw & Sheriff Features:

  • Standard, hydraulic post hugger with cast iron cones
  • Adjustable hammer head accommodates different post lengths
  • Low maintenance, greaseless poly slides
  • Optional square post huggers also available
  • Optional pilot auger allows drilling in most soil conditions

Bandit (3-Point Hitch): This centre mast three-point hitch post pounder is made for smaller jobs and level ground. It is a non-self-contained hydraulic unit that runs off the tractor. An optional self-contained kit to run off the tractor PTO is also available.


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Transport Width 4' 1" / 125 cm --
Transport Length 3' 4" / 102 cm --
Hammer Height Max. 9' 4" / 285 cm --
Hammer Height Min. 4' / 122 cm --
Stroke 5' 4" / 163 cm --
Drive Options Tractor Hydraulics / Self-Contained Hydraulics --
Transport Height 8' 8" / 264 cm --
Hammer Weight 600 lbs --
Weight 720 lbs / 327 kg --
Min. Hydraulic Requirement 7 gpm @ 1500 psi / 27 lpm @ 103 bar --