Walinga Ultra-Veyor


Walinga Ultra-Veyor

The Walinga Ultra-Veyor is the ultimate system for your grain transferring needs. The Ultra-Veyor moves grain by air, maximizing accessibility for any drying or storage facility. This Walinga pneumatic blower system moves bulk product safer, easier, and virtually dust and damage free—without the use of elevator legs or portable augers. It requires minimal maintenance, with easy access to all of the working components on the ground. Walinga Ultra-Veyors can handle the requirements of most operations with models ranging from 400 bushels/hour to 2100 bushels/hour. These systems are flexible, expandable, and easy to install, allowing your Ultra-Veyor to grow along with you as your business does.

Smart-Flo Variable Frequency Drive Systems monitor and automatically adjust motor speeds, optimizing performance while reducing energy costs and bulk damage. It is a completely self-contained system that can be run independent of an input system, such as a grain dryer. Experienced in the manufacturing of feed and grain handling equipment, Walinga is first for quality. Walinga Super Hardened SRT Blowers are fabricated from special alloy castings that facilitate hardening, eliminating premature wear and ensuring the blower has a long life. The Drop Thru Airlock Package is designed for maximum efficiency and minimal grain damage providing unequaled performance.

At Flaman, we are committed to providing the best farming equipment the industry has to offer. Our team of over 30 agriculture sales experts are here to help with your grain handling needs. Find us at one of our three locations in Alberta, one of our six locations in Saskatchewan, or our location in Swan River, Manitoba.

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