Convenience meets functionality with the Flaman ST series of Sprayer Trailers.

We built these sprayer trailers with 3 important aspects in mind—Safety, Speed, and Ease of Use.

Park your trailer right next to the field for quick access to pre-mix chemicals, and fuel.

With 4 models of triple axle sprayer trailers to choose from, allowing you to keep your operation running smoothly and minimize precious downtime. You’ll have the option to load up your sprayer with pre-mix chemical in under 7-mins, getting you back out in the field quickly.

Each trailer comes equipped with plumbed 3-inch hoses, a 13 HP Honda pump, a step ladder, and heavy-duty fertilizer-grade tanks. 

ST-9100 & ST-9200 Water & Chemical Sprayer Trailers

Flaman ST-9100 & ST-9200 Water & Chemical Sprayer Trailers

ST-9400 Sprayer Transport Trailer

Flaman ST-9400 Sprayer Transport Trailer

Sprayer Trailer

Behnke Sprayer Trailer

The ST-9100 Sprayer Tender Hander III comes equipped with 2 fertilizer grade water tanks—1 3,200 US Gallon on custom 13-foot upper deck, and 4,500 US Gallon on the rear. In between, we have The Handler 3 and easy access tote cage. The tote cage has 3 doors that allow you quick access to tools, hoses, chemicals, or fittings. On top, you can carry 275 Gallon or 330 Gallon totes securely to the field.

ST-9200 Sprayer Tender Hander III is the same setup as the 9100 with the addition of a 1,680 US gallon Chembine Hot Tank to keep chemicals agitated, and pre-mix on-site in the field.

ST-9300 Liquid Fertilizer Tender is your chemical transport solution right to the field with 4 1,550 US gallon heavy-duty, fertilizer grade cone bottom tanks on the flat deck. Allowing you 6,200 US gallons right on-site during spraying season. The 9300 is on a Behnke Highboy trailer is set up for your fertilizer application.

ST-9400 Sprayer Transport Handler III is ideal for custom spraying setups to bring everything with you. With the same 3-inch plumbing, water pump, and steel cage as the 9100, with the added benefit of the 3,200 US gallon water tank and 400L of fuel to keep working.

Behnke Ag Transport Trailer is the barebones option for moving equipment around. With flip-up wheel chocks on the side steps help in loading your crop sprayer. The 53’ trailer can be equipped with Air Ride Suspension or Spring Suspension systems.

Create the foundation for your sprayer trailer or an all-in-one solution from Flaman.