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Storm FX Seed Treater

AGI Storm FX Seed Treater

Seed treating is an important step to establishing the best crop possible, which is why Flaman provides one of the most innovative seed treaters on the market. With the STORM FX seed treater, a task that previously required a lot of guess work has become simplified. 

The STORM seed treater accurately measures untreated seed, meters and applies treatment, and gently mixes the seed to ensure even coverage, setting it apart from other seed treaters on the market. This process, combined with easy clean-out thanks to a rear clean-out door and five access ports, means reduced user exposure making in-the-yard seed treating safe and convenient. Adding this seed treater to your line up will give you more control and streamline your seed treating process.

 Flaman Agriculture is Western Canada's leading supplier of Seed Treating solutions through our 9 locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our team of over 30 expert farm sales team members have over 100 years of combined experience in the Ag industry.