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Commercial Mowers

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Farm Mowers

Whether you’re mowing the ditch along the highway or looking to cut up crop residue, we have a mower for you. Flaman offers commercial and agriculture mowers from Schulte. A brand known for its heavy-duty and dependable product. 

Save fuel and daylight with the FX742, the world’s largest rotary cutter with a width of 42’. Despite its incredible size, this mower can fold to a 3-meter transport width thanks to its unique 5-plex design. 

The Schulte 5026 can handle everything you throw at it. From light bush to corn stocks and wheat stubble with its 26-foot cutting width and Fixed Knife shredding technology. The 5026 includes a 1000 RPM driveline, 2-pieces replaceable skid shoes, and single-phase hydraulic cylinders to level the deck. 

Schulte’s FX 318 is the first 18’ flex wing mower. This unit is safe and easy to transport due to its flexible deck and 96" width. The FX 318 is ideally used with a 90 HP tractor. 

The GX-150 works well for agriculture and commercial mowing. You can easily manage large fields with the 15-foot span and 'best in class' drive packages. 

For the ideal commercial and ag model, we offer the XH1500 and XH1000. 

The XH1500 Series 5 is ideal for tackling overgrown land. The 15-foot deck size provides top-notch cutting performance under all conditions. Combined with the FLX510 Flex Arm, the XH1500 is a powerful commercial mower that cuts the ditch slope while remaining safe on flat roads. 

The Flex Arm can also be extended or retracted so you can avoid obstacles while maintaining your straight path. 

The Eliminator, a chemical application spray kit. Another weed control tool compatible with the XH1500. Allowing for precise one-pass brush and weed control. 

We understand that maintaining your land is important and time-consuming. Our selection of Made in Canada Schulte cutter help save you time on the farm. We also provide a wide variety of farm implements to finish the job effectively. Our Ag Experts, located at 11 locations across Western Canada, will get you connected with the best equipment for your farm.